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Sunday, 26 October 2014
Auntie Does Dawa, 1: Australia's ABC Runs Its Umpteenth Sugary Puff-Piece on the Wonders of the Slave-Mask

This piece, from the ABC's Monique Schafter and Jeanavive McGregor, is based on an item in the 7.30 report.  It purports to "explain" why Muslim females wear the Slave Mask, the niqab which prevents all dirty infidels from ever seeing their faces as they (said Muslim females) go about our streets.  It's all about devotion and "religion" and freedom of choice, donchaknow. 

The article, of course, carefully avoids all mention of the many verifiable instances of forced veiling that can be found all over the lands dominated by Islam, and the many cases in which women have been arrested, beaten, doused with acid, or even killed, merely for failing to cover up to whatever is the standard demanded by the local sharia enforcers. Not to mention the cases, not a few, of mistreatment of or threats made against Muslim females, resident within non-Muslim countries, who refuse to cover, or refuse to cover to the degree demanded.  And it is silent about those male and female Muslims who, within Muslim enclaves in the west, are wont to aggressively harass unislamically dressed non-Muslim females who come anywhere near Muslim "turf"...or "turf" that Muslims are in process of seizing control over. - CM

'Sydney mother-of-three opens up about her choice to wear the niqab, and life as a Muslim Australian'.

"With stories of young Australian radicals (sic: "young Aussie-passport-carrying Muslim jihadis" - CM) travelling to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside Islamic State militants (to join Islamic State jihadis in the pillage, rape, enslavement, holding to ransom, torture and beheading of non-Muslims and/ or of deemed-insufficiently-islamic or wrong-sect Muslims - CM), and our defence forces going back into Iraq to try and combat them, many Muslim Australians are facing increased incidents of abuse and sometimes even attack - particularly women wearing the veil.

"Abuse". "Attack".  The Muslim theatre of victimhood is in full swing.  Muslim women in Australia are crying "victim" because people - people who quite rightly interpret the Muslim slave rag as Muslim "Gang Uniform" (so to speak) - are giving them funny looks and perhaps subjecting them to verbal challenge.  There may have been a few, very few, cases that might involve some degree of physical contact. But I don't think anyone has been taken off to hospital.  Meanwhile...just within the past week proudly-self-declared Muslims have shot, or driven over and killed, or tried to stab or hack to death non-Muslims: two soldiers in Canada, a baby and a young woman in Israel, have been killed - deliberately, by Muslims waging jihad - and a convert to Islam, with an axe, very nearly killed a young policeman in New York City and wounded another.  And armed Muslims barged into churches in northern Nigeria and murdered 31 of the worshippers.  And there are the ongoing rapes, the kidnappings-and-holdings-to-ransom, the non-Muslim women or girls snatched from their families to be sold in an open market as sex slaves. Muslims are doing all those things to non-Muslim women and girls - even little, little girls - in Muslim-dominated countries. Nothing like this is happening to any Muslim woman or girl anywhere in the West.  - CM

'So what is life like behind the veil?

For a truthful answer to that question, one might consult Rosemary Sookhdeo, "Secrets Behind the Burqa" - based on formal sociological research conducted by the author among Muslim women in the UK in the 1990s - which contains a great deal - all of it connected back to what the core Islamic texts and their classic interpretations have to say about women and the family - that the ABC will never dare to mention. Or one might read ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish, her book on sharia, "Cruel and Usual Punishment", or ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, "Infidel" and "The Caged Virgin", or watch Ali's film "Submission". - CM

'While the burka is rarely worn in Australia (yet...CM), many Islamic women choose (or we are told that they choose - CM) to cover their faces with a veil known as the niqab, which covers all of the face except for the eyes.

'Anisa Khan is one of them.

'Born and raised in Sydney, Anisa is a fifth-generation Australian of Pakistani heritage.

Fifth-generation?  When did the first of her South Asian Muslim forebears set foot in Australia?  The "Afghan" cameleers only arrived in the late 19th century; to be fifth-generation, one usually has to have forebears who arrived before 1860. - CM

"I'm an everyday mum - busy running my business, raising three kids, looking after our home and doing my everyday chores", she says.

'She is also a devout Muslim.

The reporter should have asked her what she thought of the wife-beating verse in the Quran.  And the reporter should have asked her about what she thought should happen to Asia Bibi, another mother, in Pakistan, who sits on Death Row, having been accused - by pious Muslim mamas just like Anisa - of "blasphemy!!!!" because she dared to say she thought Jesus was a better person than Mohammed.  Ms Anisa Khan should have been asked, point blank, whether as a devout Muslim she approved of the death sentence for blasphemy; whether she will celebrate and be pleased if and when Asia Bibi, mother of five, is executed by the Pakistani Muslim state, in strict compliance with the sharia of Islam. She should also have been asked what she would do if one of her children, upon growing up, declared that s/he was going to become a Christian, or an Atheist, or a Buddhist.  It might have been interesting, too, to raise the subject of the stoning of women for zina, and the subject of Israel, and the Jews.  - CM

"Faith for me is a very integral part of my life and it begins in the morning before sunrise until late evening", she explains.

'This morning she is off to the veil shop to buy a headscarf for her daughter.

But what if her daughter should, at some future time, refuse to wear it?  - CM

"Anisa started wearing her niqab a week after the September 11 attacks in 2001, after friends were vilified and picked on for "appearing Muslim".

It boggles the mind, this Muslim habit of pretending to be a victim when the people - the dirty infidels, the "worst of beasts" - whom Muslims have attacked have the temerity to complain about it or react against it. - CM

'This inspired her to study Islam, where she "fell in love with the Prophet" and had a spiritual connection.

She "fell in love" with a man who beheaded hundreds. Who celebrated the assassinations of people - an elderly Jewish poet and a young pagan Arab poet - who had dared to mock his evil behaviour and that of his companions. Who robbed caravans.  Who killed men by the hundreds and then sold their wives and children as slaves. Who raped Rayhana, after he had destroyed her community; who raped 17 year old Safiyya, on the evening of the very day on which he had supervised the torture-unto-death of her husband. Who took as his "wife" a six year old girl, and maritally raped her when she was barely nine years old.  If Anisa Khan knows all this - and if she "studied Islam" in any real sense of the word, if she read and reread Hadiths, Sira, Quran, she must - and can still say she "fell in love" with Mohammed the Mad, she has something very, very wrong with her intellect and her moral sense. - CM

'Anisa insists her decision to wear the niqab was hers alone.

Hers alone? Under whom, with whom, did she "study Islam"?? What websites was she visiting, whose books was she reading, and most importantly, what mosque or Islamic centre was she frequenting?  Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as a teenage Muslim girl in Kenya, put on the abaya - though not the face-veil - when she came under the influence of a Muslim Brotherhood revivalist. - CM

'In fact, she thinks her husband was a little overwhelmed when she told him, but he has been supportive.

What is his background? Cradle Muslim? Convert? South Asian like herself? Was her marriage arranged? - CM

'Anisa tells 7.30 "oppression is when you don't have a choice in the matter".

Sure. But is it a choice in countries where the choice is between covering up or getting beaten - or doused in acid - or shot? - CM

"We have a choice in everything we do, it's the freedom of choice that we wish to put it on and by taking that away, where is the freedom?" she said.

She should have been asked whether she would accept her daughter's choice, if one day her daughter refused to wear the hijab in any form whatsoever; whether she would accept her daughter's choice - and not do anything at all to harm her or punish her, nor to permit or encourage anyone else to harm or punish her - if her daughter decided to leave Islam altogether. 

But in any case, all this talk of choice is merely the argument that Muslims think will "work" with non-Muslims, to get what they (Muslims) want. Because it avoids, evades, all discussion of what the hijab, niqab, burqa, historically mean and what they still do mean, in many, many places.  

Chahdorrt Djavann grew up in Islamic Iran, where there is no choice whatsoever about wearing the chador, and the virtue police will arrest you and punish you for "bad hijab".  Escaped to France, she has written in support of their hijab ban in schools, and the burqa ban (for the public square) that France has instituted, though not rigorously enforced as yet.

Djavann's work is discussed in some detail in an article by one N Maruani that appeared in the Jerusalem Post in 2009.

"She (Djavann) writes that the veil cannot be presented as a personal choice, disregarding centuries of Islamic history.

"She adds that it is inappropriate to probe the motivations of every young girl wearing the veil, when what is at stake is a political agenda.

"Djavann explains further: "The veil has never been innocent or innocuous.  It has always signified the submission of women to men and the denial of legal rights to women in Islamic countries"....

'Addressing the growing phenomenon of veiled women in Europe (and, for that matter, in Australia, and Canada, and the United States, and in every other non-Muslim country within which Muslims have settled in the past fifty years and more - CM) Djavann points out its centrality to Islamist propaganda: "The political, ideological, and psychological impact of the veil goes far beyond its appearance...If this weren't the case, why would the Islamists make it their main focus?...It constitutes a constant call to order by Islamic law."  More - "The veil is the symbol, the flag and the keystone of the Islamic system." 

Now, back to Anisa Khan, in Australia, busy sweetly and smilingly pulling the wool over the infidels' eyes. - CM

'While Anisa says she has had no issues wearing her veil, she believes being confident and interacting with people (but how do you interact with someone who cannot see anything of your face except your eyes peering through a crack, like a spider from underneath a rock? how do you interact with someone who cannot clearly hear your voice, which is muffled behind a cloth? how do you interact with someone whose voice you cannot clearly hear, because your ears are muffled by two or three layers of thick cloth? - CM) helps break down barriers.

Except, of course, that uncrossable barrier between the Dar al Harb and the Dar al Islam, that can only be crossed if the filthy kuffar consent to convert to Islam.

It is a pity that our ABC interviewers seem not to have been aware of all the Quranic verses that forbid Muslims from befriending Infidels...unless they do it temporarily, and feigningly, for Muslim advantage. - CM

'But her mother, Aisha Khan, ws concerned when Anisa announced she was going to wear the niqab, and acknowledges there have been some moments.

I bet she knew damn well that nothing would happen to her daughter that would even begin to resemble the sorts of horrors that Muslims - male and female - inflict upon identifiable non-Muslim females in the lands of Islam. - CM

"There have been times when she has gone to the supermarket and little kids get scared, and say, 'Oh, Mum, look at the ninja", Aisha recalls.

Did she expect them to curtsey and give her baskets of flowers?

One does wonder whether in fact our dear sweet Muslimah didn't get a big thrill out of knowing she had just succeeded in terrorising a bunch of dirty kuffar brats. She cannot not know that, for people in our open-faced society, those who dress in black and hide their faces behind blank black masks are frightening.  She might as well run round dressed as a ghost, or an axe-murderer, and then complain that people are acting dare they!! - CM

"Then she ahs gone up and said, "darling, I'm not a ninja, it's just a face-mask, you know, it's just a niqab, I am just like your Mum".

Not "just like your Mum". Because unlike their mums, she reveres - as the perfect man - a man who ordered assassinations and mass murders and who raped captive women and sold people as slaves. If she as a devout Muslim affirms Surah 9:29 she believes that all non-Muslims ought to be "invited" to convert to Islam, and if they do not, they must accept subhuman dhimmi status - degraded, humiliated, exploited, abused - killed. - CM

'And they say, "Mummy, she is a nice lady".  I think it's just that people are scared, they don't know what to expect".

She is playing goodcop to the Islamic State's badcop. Or one could, perhaps, see her as a willing "human shield"; playing nice, in a country where Muslims are presently outnumbered and relatively weak, in order to keep the kuffar unalarmed...until the Muslims are stronger, and it will be too late.  - CM

'Anisa says a lack of knowledge and understanding about the niqab makes the veil intimidating for some people.

Yes, and you do enjoy the power trip, don't you, my dear? You know it frightens people, and still, you wear it.  Oh, and it is not those who know nothing about Islam, its texts, its history, its contemporary practice, who are truly intimidated by the niqab and what it represents; it is those who do know, who have informed themselves, who see it and see the black flag of Jihad flying in their streets, menacing their homes and their families. And they feel not only fear, but also anger. - CM

"She hopes to open up people's minds and show the "true spirits" of Muslim women.

And the Muslim women who hold their little daughters down while FGM is performed? The women who sell their underage daughters to adult men to be maritally raped? The women who watched as Infidel women and girls were gang-raped, during the Sudan war in the 1980s and 1990s, and sang derisive songs, and ululated? The local Arab Muslim women, in and around Israel, who celebrate the suicide bombers?  The women who collude with husbands and brothers to arrange the ritual executions of deemed-rebellious daughters?  The women who screeched "blasphemer!" at Asia Bibi, and knew that she would likely be killed, as a result? The women who torment their Filipino Christian housemaids in the Gulf, and in Saudi Arabia? - CM

"I love being an Australian", she says.

"I hope people open up their views and their opinions about Muslims and approach Muslim women in a nice manner and ask them about their lives, their faith, and what they do because they would be amazed and surprised", Anisa said.

Rosemary Sookhdeo asked Muslim women about their lives; carefully, coolly, patiently, and over a period of time.  Many Muslim women. She found out about forced marriage, child marriage, horrific levels of domestic violence, arbitrary divorce, honor murder. It's all in her book - "Secrets Behind the Burqa".  And Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who lived inside Islam, but escaped, and Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish, likewise escaped from Islam, concur.  What a naive non-Muslim inquirer will get from a masked dawa artist like Anisa Khan, who has been told exactly what buzzwords to deploy, what buttons to press, is exactly nothing: sugary, flowery lies, half-truths, omissions and evasions.- CM


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