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Friday, 31 October 2014
Sex-Slavery and Sharia in the Islamic State

by Joseph S. Spoerl (November 2014)

In September 2014, several Muslim men had the following discussion on Facebook:

                “Abou Jihad: “350 dollars for the Yazidi girl in Mosul if you want. LOL


                Abu Selefie: I heard there were slaves in Raqqa is it true?

                Abde-Rahman: I saw it was around 180 dollars per slave LOL.

                Abou Muhammad: You have revived a tradition.”  more>>>

Posted on 10/31/2014 7:28 AM by NER
13 Aug 2015
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In response to Mr. Waheedudin: 1) On "selective quotation:" Of course any quotations from the Koran, Sira, and hadith must be selective, unless one were to insert the whole text. The point is that I select the relevant quotations to understand the origins of slavery and sexual slavery in Islam. 2) I do not take things out of context. Rather, I place the relevant passages from the Koran in the context of Muhammad's life. 3) Most Muslim states do not have constitutions in line with modern liberal standards. In fact, most enshrine sharia as the primary source of legislation, which leads directly to many oppressive measures aimed at non-Muslims and liberal Muslims. 4) I quote many reputable scholars, both Muslim and non-Muslim: al-Zamakshari, al-Ghazali, al-Waqidi, Ibn Ishaq, Majid Khadduri, Maxime Rodinson, Yohanan Friedmann, etc. 5) Mr. Waheedudin misses the main point: you cannot logically assert that Muhammad was "the perfect person" AND make a principled case against the sexual enslavement of women or offensive warfare or torture or beheading, since Muhammad practiced all of these things, as the Muslim sources make clear.

28 Jan 2015
Send an emailSalman Waheeduddin
This article is a typical attempt to malign Islam using selective quotations from Koran and sayings of Muhammad then using turning Muslim logic on it head. However, this is a script character assassination of Muhammad and linking it with the evil some Muslims do has been playing out for more than a thousand years. Perhaps his 'fault' was that he was also a great political and military success. Koran that Muhammad brought has a lot of verses on love, peace, mutual understanding, dialogue, religious freedom determine the soul of the message. The verses quoted in the article are out of context and snippets. Being a book that has a circular and symmetric structure as opposed to a linear structure the verses often mention multiple points at the same time with cross references to preceding and following verses. Even reading the verses quoted here on war in the context of the chapters from which they are taken will give one the needed context. Similarly, looking at classical Islamic law books will give the opinions that are shown in the article. Muhammad didn't invent slavery it regulated and limited. He also did not abolish slavery but there are many of sayings that support it and made freeing of slaves the greatest spiritual act. Muslims have no problems admitting that part of Muhammad's life were contextual. They only claim to follow only the universal aspects of his teachings. The question is who speaks for Islam? Are Muslims ignorant of all these 'facts' about their religion and only ISIS has uncovered these ? The answer the scholarly tradition though weak is still alive and has addressed these questions. They have assisted in writing constitutions that are in line with modern laws. They have explained that Jihad is a defensive war that is in line with modern ideas and regulations of war. They have signed the Geneva convention. They have written books on these subjects that one can find any Arab world bookstore. The fact is that the author has not quoted a single Islamic Scholar of repute here in the article. ISIS is using Islam to cover up its blood lust. Survey after survey has shown only a small minority is prone to extremist actions. The views of muslims are in line with the civilized world. I never see authors like the one who wrote this article that into account these polls and surveys. (One such recent survey is: Are Muslims Distinctive? by M Steven Fish, 2011) Finally, it is also true that there things in the modern version of Shariah that not every western liberal will like or agree with and those things stand. However, modern shariah is nothing like ISIS. To use caricatures of these aspects of Shariah and find resemblances with what ISIS is doing is also

31 Oct 2014
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An article that should be on the front page of every MSM newspaper in the west, accompanied by that dreadful, harrowing photograph.

Can anyone confirm its source?