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Monday, 3 November 2014
As in Nigeria and Pakistan, So In Australia: Sunni Muslim Jihad Against Those Rafidite Dogs, the Shiites?

A Shiite Muslim is shot outside a mosque in southwestern Sydney and his fellow Shiites are claiming it was Sunni Muslim Islamic State supporters what done it.  As reported by the ABC this morning.

'IS [sic: Islamic State - CM] Supporters Shot Man Outside Greenacre Mosque: Witness'

Nota bene: despite much hand-wringing in the media and wailing from Mohammedans about supposed rampant "Islamophobia" in Australia, all cases of grievous bodily harm or death suffered by Mohammedan mobsters in this country have so far - if I recall correctly - been inflicted upon said mobsters by...other members of the Allah Gang. - CM

'A man who was shot outside a mosque in south-west Sydney was the victim of an attack by local Islamic State (IS) supporters, a witness has said.

'Rasoul Al Mousawi, 47, was shot in the head in an industrial area on Rosedale Avenue, near the intersection of Brunker Road at 1.15 am (AEDT).

'He has undergone surgery for injuries that are not life-threatening.

'A friend of the victim, a Shia Muslim who did not want to be identified, said a group of men drove past the Houssaineyat-Alnabialakram Association (sic: in other words, the mosque; and kudos to the ABC headline editor for calling it a mosque - CM) in Greenacre several times before the shooting, calling out "IS lives forever".

Mosques are, it seems, rather like the clubhouses of an outlaw bikie gang.   If you have a mosque - whether Shiite or Sunni - built in your Infidel neighbourhood, it's this kind of thing - besides what Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation has dubbed "parking jihad" (whereby Muslims  flout traffic regulations by, for example, double parking and parking in and across private driveways) and the massed threat displays as large numbers of Muslim males regularly "take over" the surrounding footpaths and even roadways for "prayers" at every possible excuse, and other unpleasantnesses such as harassment of dog-walkers and of unislamically-dressed women and girls - that the unlucky Infidel neighbours can expect to suffer, sooner or later.  Members of different, rival branches of the allah gang holding shootouts or attempting to bushwhack each other in or near the mosque aka gang hideout and command-and-control centre.  Luckily, this time around, no innocent infidel passersby got hurt. - CM

"They called us 'Shia dogs" and they threatened to come back down tonight and kill you, shoot you, whatever", the man said.

"We didn't believe them and we went home and we got a phone call that one of our community members got shot in the head.

"He was walking his family home so he can come back and do the cleaning (at the mosque) and they shot him in front of his family.  His wife, she just fainted."

'His daughter saw it all happen.

"My dad just held his neck and ran inside", she said. "I was like, "What's happening" and all I saw was blood running down his head and neck."

'Police have not identified a motive for the shooting but said they were following several lines of inquiry.

The police need to face the simple, historically and textually demonstrable fact that Sunnis hate Shiites and vice versa and that the two main branches of the Allah Gang, or Mohammedan Mob, have been assiduously killing each other for over a thousand years, non-stop. And that - assuming that the witness was telling the truth about the alleged drive-by threats and that whoever did the shooting was seen and was the same as the threatener/s - is all the "motive" that anybody needs to look for.  The story is that the drive-by threateners shouted "Shia dogs".  The police could read, for example, chapter 11, "Mohammed and Islam", in that sedate 19th-century unitarian clergyman James Freeman Clarke's book, "Ten Great Religions".  In section 5 of that chapter, "religious doctrines and practices among the Mohammedans", they would read the following, "There is no recognition, in the Koran, of human brotherhood.  It is a prime duty to hate infidels and make war on them.  Mohammed made it a duty for Moslems to betray and kill their own brothers when they were infidels; and he was obeyed in more cases than one", and also this, "The two main divisions are into Sunnites and Shyites. The Persians are mostly Shyites, and refuse to receive the Sunnite tradition. They accept Ali and denounce Omar. Terrible wars and cruelties have taken place between these sects.  Only a few of the Sunnite doctors acknowledge the Shyites to be Moslems.  They have a saying, "to destroy a Shyite is more acceptable than to kill seventy other infidels of whatever sort".  - CM

'They have ruled out the suggestion that the violence (sic: the internecine Muslim warfare - CM) in Iraq may be spilling over into suburban Australia.

Half right, half wrong. Wrong: it is spilling over.  Right, without knowing it; because both this "spillover", this nasty incident - which wouldn't have happened in Australian suburbia if we hadn't been stupid enough to admit into our country a whole lot of Muslims whether Sunni or Shiite - and the current internecine warfare in Iraq are merely current manifestations of something that started in the first century after Mohammed's decease and has been going on ever since.  Though what is more relevant to Infidels than Sunni-Shiite violence as a quarrel which is, from our Infidel POV, within Islam, is the violence that Muslims, not only in Iraq against Christians and Yazidi, but in many other places, are inflicting upon non-Muslims.  Sunnis reclassify Shiites from "Muslim" to "Infidel"  and therefore do to them what is permitted to be done to Infidels; what Sunnis do to Shiites is what Sunnis will also do to other kinds of Infidels, as and when they feel able.  And as for the Shiites, one only has to look at how Shiite Muslim Iran has, in the past and in the present, treated its non-Muslim minorities, such as the Zoroastrians (now nearly all gone) and the Jews, to know that although persecuted as "infidels" or "heretics" by Sunnis, Shiites are just as zealous as Sunnis when it comes to mistreating infidels.  - CM

'Police have told the ABC there is nothing to suggest the shooting is linked to IS.

But it is linked to Islam. This is how Muslims behave to one another.  There is, of course, however, the possibility that a fellow-Shiite might have shot Mr Al Mousawi because of some intra-communal quarrel, and that his family or other associates are trying to deflect the attention of Infidel law-enforcement away from their own mob and onto the hated Sunnis. Perhaps the expressed scepticism of the investigating infidel police as to who exactly may have carried out the attack and why is merely due to having had prior experience of the Muslim habit of lying to Infidels. - CM

'IS is attempting to establish a caliphate in Iraq and Syria and they see Shia Muslims as opponents as they dominate the Iraqi government.

It's not just that. See the passage I quoted, from James Freeman Clarke, who had done his homework on Islam a lot better than have the Sydney police or the ABC. - CM

'When officers arrived at the mosque, they found Mr Mousawi with pellet wounds to his face and shoulder.

"Police have cordoned off the area as a crime scene and are currently processing that scene", Inspector David Firth said.

"Police are speaking to a number of witnesses at the scene and are appealing for anyone with information who can assist with their inquiries to come forward, particularly those who may have seen a vehicle acting suspiciously in the area at that time.  

"We do have some CCTV footage of the street that may help us with our inquiries."

'Inspector David Firth said the injured man was helped by other people before paramedics treated him.

"Witnesses assisted the man.  Emergency services were called a short time later and the 47 year old man was treated by paramedics before being taken to hospital", Inspector Firth said.

'The witness said he and other Shia community members were at the Islamic Centre for a prayer gathering before the shooting took place.

"They shot an innocent guy, a family man. This is Australia, it's a safe country. How can this happen?"

There's an easy answer to that, mate. It happens because when you came here you insisted on bringing Islam with you.  It happens because we Aussies foolishly let in you and your family and a whole lot of other Muslims - there are now about 500 000 to 600 000 Muslims in Australia, with more coming in every day and mosques (gang bases) popping up here, there and everywhere - and, therefore, Australia has become a whole lot less safe than it used to be.  Parts of it, the suburbs most heavily colonised by Muslims, are now coming to resemble those miserable regions of the world - blighted by centuries of Islam, centuries of suspicion and aggression and war. misogyny, polygyny and slavery and active suppression of the life of the mind - from which you or your parents fled...bringing with you - refusing to leave behind, and indeed insisting on promoting and imposing here - the very same Religion of Blood and War which created the blight from which you fled. - CM

"That's not a human act, it's just not human what they did".

Oh, it's human alright; human evil, and, more specifically, the thoroughgoing permission and codification and sacralisation and distillation of human evil, that is Islam. - CM

"And we just want them (the attackers) to know, we're not afraid of them".

Cue a Shiite vs Sunni vendetta? - CM

'Police have urged anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers'.

I guess we'll have to see what comes out in the wash. - CM

Posted on 11/03/2014 3:34 PM by Christina McIntosh
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