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Friday, 7 November 2014
British Jews, With Some Help from their Friends, Standing Up To the Proxies of Jihad in Uptown Manchester

A rather heartening story about a local victory against the BDS (Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions), as told by a Canadian Jew, David Semple.   I first heard about it at the website of Daphne Anson, a feisty Aussie Friend of Zion.  I am reproducing it here in full because I think it should be as widely disseminated as possible.  There are lessons in it not only for those anywhere who are specifically fighting back against BDS (which is merely one aspect of that subset of global Jihad which is directed against Jews, and against Israel) but for every non-Muslim person in any non-Muslim land who finds themselves having to confront the various forms of not-quite-military-yet jihad that are waged not only by Muslims but by their catspaws and proxies.

"Manchester's Third Intifadists".

"Who are these people who march through our cities, shouting "Palestine will be free; from the river to the sea"?  

"For a start, most of them have no connection with Gaza, east Jerusalem, or the so-called West Bank (that is, Judea and Samaria - CM).

"No, they are a rag-bag of Marxists, anarchists, professional protesters, converts to Islam, third-generation British Muslims, and immigrants from north Africa and southwest Asia.

I have bolded the last three categories named by Mr Semple, because they have something in common: they are Muslims.  Those "immigrants from north Africa and southwest Asia" are not identified by Mr Semple as Muslims, but they are more likely to be Muslims, than anything else; especially if they are involving themselves in what is basically an assault upon Jews, and upon Israel. - CM

"They have taken on the cause of Palestinianism not because they care about Palestinian Arabs but because it is the frontline of an Arab-Muslim supremacy movement that detests both Israel and the Western world.

Or, to be brief: the frontline of Jihad, which assails Israel, the West, and the Rest.  The marxists, anarchists and professional protesters are not, perhaps, fully aware of that; they do not seem to be aware of what that pious Shiite Muslim, Khomeini, did to the marxists of Iran - who had foolishly assisted him in overthrowing the somewhat-less-Islamic Shah - as soon as he was strong enough. - CM

"In other words, these people are the "third intifadists" - delinquents who want to "shake off" Judeo-Christian culture and bring down liberal democracy.

The non-Muslim delinquents want to do that; the Muslims - as they have been for 1400 years - are out to destroy anything and everything not-Islam, period, but here in the West are targeting that part of the Infidel world in general which, at the moment, for a number of reasons - not least its large population of delinquents aka Useful Idiots and potential recruits to their cult - presents the softest target. - CM

"In 2014 the city of Manchester in England became the focal point of the third intifadists who clashed with (sic: attacked - CM) the police and the local Jewish population.

"Anti-Semitism is now a significant problem for the Manchester Jewish community, which has faced an unprecedented wave of abuse and intimidation.

As everywhere in Europe, a massive increase in the Muslim presence has led to an increase in aggression against Jews, both by Muslims and by local non-Muslim antisemites who are emboldened and inspired by what they see Muslims getting away with. - CM

"I have lived in a number of English-speaking countries but never have I witnessed a spectacle as shameful as the mass invasion of Manchester by boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) campaigners.

"I first noticed these people flying the so-called Palestinian flag in Piccadilly Gardens in June.

"School-teachers on strike, together with Marxist students and British-born Islamists  ( hey, let's just say "Muslims" and be done with it - CM) were condemning the "Zio-Nazis" and crying for Palestine, a nation that does not exist.

Re those schoolteachers; it's as well they went on strike, it sounds like their pupils are better off without them. - CM

"An elderly Arab (and I'll bet he was Muslim - CM) wept for the Arab Nakba, when Arabs fled Mandate Palestine to escape what they hoped would be the destruction of Jews.  Yet, nobody mentioned the Jewish Nakba when a milllion Jews (whose communities universally went back to a time, in the various countries of residence, long pre-dating the invention of Islam - CM) were kicked out of the Muslim world.

"I could see the passion in the eyes of the demonstrators; the passionate hatred they showed towards Israel and the Jews.

"Then a month later the same pro-Palestinians appeared outside the Kedem store in the upmarket shopping area of King Street.

"Kedem, which sells products sourced from the Israeli side of the Dead Sea, is owned by Israeli Jews, and was declared an "easy target" by the protestors.

"For several weeks, the pro-Palestinian mob held the store hostage, seven days every week, sometimes in the dozens and sometimes by the hundreds.

"At first they tried to close the store by blocking the entrance and threatening to burn it down.

They threatened to burn down a shop???!!!  So why were the threateners not all arrested, right then and there?  Sounds as though Manchester Police were either complicit or asleep on the job. - CM

"Then a friend of the store owners broke through the Palestinian picket line (that is: through the picket line established by the Muslim jihadis and their fellow-travellers - CM) and thus began the fightback.

'Every day a Jewish defence line was set up to protect Kedem.

"But it was no longer just about the store. In fact, it was no longer just about Israel.

It never was just about Israel.  The jihad against the Jews is a subset of the global Jihad against all of the so-called dar al Harb, the non-Islamic world. - CM

'British Jews realized they were under attack from what can only be described as a neo-fascist alliance of radical leftists and jihadi Muslims.

And in that alliance, no matter what the Useful Idiots may think, it's the Muslims calling the shots and pulling the strings. - CM

"BDS targeted Kedem because it was vulnerable.  Unlike Marks and Spencer, which had been a BDS target for years, the owners of Kedem did not have the corporate resources available to stop the mob.

'Police asked for 60 000 pounds per week to ban the demonstrators.

What??? If you want the police to do their job - to deal with criminals who are intimidating the customers of  lawful business premises and who are engaging in criminal activity by threatening to burn down said premises - you have to pay a hefty bribe, first?  Isn't it the job of the police to enforce the law and ensure the safety of the public, and aren't they already getting paid - from the public purse - to do just that??   CM

'Raphi Bloom, a north Manchester businessman, together with several friends in the community who formed the Manchester Friends of Israel Facebook group, decided on a strategy of making the Jewish defence as numerous as the third intifadists so police would have no choice but to shut down the anti-Israel protest.

'The legal process took weeks.

'And every day throughout those long weeks, the Friends of Israel took on the third intifadists in a series of peaceful but vocal counter-demonstrations.

Every. single. day. That's what it takes.  Never give up.  Never surrender.  - CM

'Weekdays in King Street saw 20 to 30 people on each side, holding up Israeli and Palestinian (sic: "Palestinian" - CM) flags while debating each other across the picket line.

'Sometimes this was peaceful and civilized. Sometimes it exploded into anger.

"The BDS mob pretended not to be anti-Jewish, but then poured out thousands of conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel, reminiscent of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

"Jews were called Nazis; they were called dirty pigs; they were called murderers; they were even called Christ-killers.

"On weekends, hundreds of Jews gathered to defend Kedem from much larger crowds of BDS people, who took over one of Manchester's main thoroughfares, Deansgate, and invaded dozens of other streets in the city centre.

Invaded is the right word for it. - CM

'The loudspeakers came out. Third Intifadists chanted mantras like "We love Hamas" and "Free, free Palestine".  Nothing from their side was original.

'Our side, the Friends of Israel, gave passionate and reasoned speeches in defence of Israel and Kedem.

"We sang songs. They chanted hate.

"Manchester Jews sang "Hatikva" and "God Save the Queen".

"Third Intifadists continued to chant slogans like "Brick by brick, wall by wall, Israeli apartheid's going to fall".

"The BDS crowd kept shouting "Free Hamas!" in between incidents of physical abuse and the occasional Hitler salute.

I hope that all of this - especially the incidents of physical abuse, and the Hitler salutes - was being recorded on film - by the defenders of Israel - for posterity and, one hopes, eventually, evidence to be tabled in future prosecutions. - CM

"One Muslim protestor (was his face masked? if not, one hopes his photo has been taken - CM) foolishly declared on camera that he loved Hitler.  Another gleefully said that Israeli Jews should go back to Poland and Hitler, "Where maybe they'll find another Hitler".

'Many of these third intifadists thought that Kedem was a front organisation for the Mossad or the Israeli government, like the New York cleaners in the TV show, The Man from UNCLE.

'Eventually, the police limited the BDS protest to a corner of Police Street, where they set up camp and tried to recreate an ugly tent city similar to the one created several years ago by the Occupy Movement in London outside St Paul's Cathedral.  

"Then they faded away during September.

Either they had their orders, or...the Jews of Manchester had outlasted them. And of course, in September, in the UK, the nights are starting to get a bit chilly for camping out on the street.  - CM

"Last weekend, towards the end of October, the local BDS third intifadists returned in force to the steets of Manchester, in support of the Palestinian violence in Jerusalem (that is, the Muslim riots in Jerusalem - CM) where Arabs (that is, Muslims - CM) had just murdered a Jewish infant by ramming the baby carriage with a car.

And had also run over, and killed, a beautiful Ecuadorian girl, Yemima, who had just completed her conversion to Judaism. - CM

'The third intifadists were calling for the release of Arab terrorist murderers (Arab Muslim terrorist murderers - CM) from Israeli prisons, calling them "political prisoners".

'Manchester police feared that the third intifada was headed for King Street to raid Kedem.

'Almost sixty members of the newly-created Northwest Friends of Israel gathered at Kedem, waiting for the expected onslaught from the third intifadists.

'We had witnessed a few recent incidents at the store, many of which involved an English prison convert to Islam called Dawud, a notorious figure who has invaded the store and threatened the staff on several occasions.

Does not that sort of conduct constitute a crime?  So why has he not been arrested and charged?  Why is he not now back in jail, or at least subjected to a restraining order?  - CM

'His modus operandi is to stand on King Street or Deansgate, hurling abuse at staff and friends of Israel.  He threatens violence and follows people around, mocking the policemen and women who seem powerless to intervene.

Why are they powerless? From the sounds of it, he is downright dangerous, a menace to every non-Muslim - Jewish or non-Jewisih - in the vicinity; a beheading waiting to happen.  Have the higher ups told the police that since he is Muslim, he is untouchable, exempt from British law? Surely this can be pursued further, by the Friends of Israel and by other citizens. In the meantime, though, perhaps Kedem could invest in a brace of very, very large dogs.  Big black professional guard dogs, well-trained; with a handler.  And then next time this vile "Dawud" comes in and starts threatening staff, or customers, or Infidel passersby, the dogs can be used to let him know it's time to vamoose. -  CM

'When we see Dawud the Convert, we live in fear of a suicide bomb or the lethal sword of Islam.

'On King Street we waited patiently for the "protesters" after seeing several police vehicles pull up around Kedem.

The police told us the third intifadists were definitely coming.  Rumours and phone calls filled the air waves.

'The store owners handed out cups of mint tea and bottled water.  Israeli flags were held high.

'Christians supporting Kedem were having fun debating Biblical texts with their Jewish friends.  We anticipated that Poltergeist moment when one of us would say, "They're here".

'A few curious Friends of Israel walked uptown to see the "political prisoners" protest on Market Street, only to have abuse thrown at them from the third intifada crowd. Dawud The Convert raged in anger.  Back on King Street, we waited. Waited for an hour, then ninety minutes, two hours.  Where are they, we wondered? Is Dawud The Convert coming?

'Nothing.  No "protestors".

"No Dawud, who has become the King Kong of BDS.  Or is he the Jaws of Jihad...It seemed that the third intifada in Manchester had lost its shine.

"So we put the flags away and we went our separate ways.  It was nice to get together again with other Friends of Israel. We had missed them.  King Street was deserted, but for a crowd of Christian supporters of Kedem debating chapter and verse from the Bible with their Jewish colleages.

'An hour later, along came Jihad Jane from "Jews for Justice in Palestine"  wearing the flag of Jordan, designed by Mark Sykes of Sykes-Picot fame.  She paced to and fro in front of Kedem, wearing the flag like a Superman Cape and holding a battered sign.  Nobody cared.  Nobody else turned up. Jihad Jane looked towards the Kedem supporters, who were more interested in talking with each other and smoking cigarettes.

'Everyone ignored her. Finally she gave up. Who is this new super hero, shoppers wondered? Super Pali?  Off went Jihad Jane (the deluded dhimmi - CM) back to where she came from.  Maybe someday,someone will care. But not last Saturday.

'The last few Kedem supporters were about to leave town when something happened.

'Along came Dawud The Convert, the embodiment of home-grown Islamofascism.  Of Islam, of the Mohammedan Mob and of the psychically marginal who naturally gravitate to its spiritual undertow. - CM

'Dawud, we have learnt, has to have the last word.  Like a recurring nightmare, he keeps returning. It hurts his pride to think that the "Zio-Nazis" have won. Someone should tell  him that we also refuse to give up.

"We refuse to abandon Kedem. We refuse to stay silent when Israel is slandered. We refuse to do nothing when British Jewry is under attack.

Yes! And he could add: We refuse to Submit. We will not surrender to the Jihad, whether waged directly by avowed Muslims or by their proxies. -  CM

There is a note at the end of the article saying that BDS and Dawud The Convert were expected to be returning to pester Kedem on Thursday November 6.  If so, they will no doubt have discovered that the Jewish and Gentile Friends of Zion in Manchester were there already, united in intelligent defiance.

Note that when faced with a determined and concerted and persistent civil resistance within a western country the Muslims and their fellow-travellers/ janissaries/ proxies/ catspaws can be made to back down.  Let all Friends of Zion and all resisters of Islamisation everywhere in the lands of the Non-Muslims, who may be facing BDS - or for that matter any other manifestation of the Jihad, the attempted Islamoforming of the world -  in the workplace, or on campus, or in the neighbourhood, take heart: stick together, do not be intimidated, and you may well prevail.

Post scriptum: do please click on the link to check out David's article in its original location, as there are lots of pictures. And I understand Mr Semple, who is a film-maker from Canada, was filming the whole thing as it happened and will be turning the footage into a documentary about anti-semitism in Britain (but also, of course, about the resistance to same); sounds as though his film will be worth watching, when it comes out.


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