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Monday, 10 November 2014
With Any Luck, Another Aussie-Passport-Holding Muslim Will Not Be Coming Back From the Jihad in Syria

Which - if true - means that ASIO and Aussie police will have one less potential beheader, stabber or blower-up of innocent infidels to worry about.

ABC's Letitia Lemke reporting

'Australian (sic - CM) man reportedly killed fighting for Islamic State in Syria'.

He's not "Australian". He's "an Aussie-passport-holding Muslim". - CM

'The Federal Government is working to verify reports that an Australian man (that is: a Muslim holding an Australian passport - CM) has been killed in Syria, believed to be the third Australian death (that is: the third such death of an Aussie-passport-holding Muslim - CM) over the past month.

'A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it was investigating, but that verifying the reports was difficult.

I bet it is. But: don't these creeps have family and friends here in Australia? Would not those people have some idea? Or are they stonewaling and refusing to cooperate? - CM

'There have been three unconfirmed reports of Australian Islamic State (IS) fighters (that is: Islamic State fighters who happen to possess Australian passports - CM) since mid-October, including the Western Sydney actor turned Islamic State recruiter Mohammed Ali Baryalei.

'Baryalei had been accused of masterminding a plot to kill random members of the public in Sydney and Brisbane (not quite random; I'm quite, quite sure the plotters would not have seized upon persons identifiably Muslim - CM) and had recruited dozens of Australians (that is: dozens of Australia-resident Muslims - CM) to fight with extremist groups (to engage in the armed Jihad - CM) in Iraq and Syria.

'The 33 year old from Sydney was the catalyst for September's unprecedented counter-terrorism raids, when more than 800 police raided homes in Sydney and Brisbane and charged four people.

'Baryalei was said to hold a trusted position in Islamic State's operational command, and to have facilitated the recruitment of at least half of the 60 Australians (the 60 Muslims from Australia - CM) currently fighting in the Middle East.

'But authorities said they had no evidence confirming Baryalei's death and have expressed caution.

'The news also followed the confirmed death fo Queensland man Zia Abdul Haq (that is: "formerly-Queensland-resident Muslim man Zia Abdul Haq" - CM) after he travelled to Syria to fight for the fundamentalist group (for the Muslim revivalists of Islamic State - CM).

'Consular assistance is no longer available in Syria or Iraq and the government is warning against travel to the two countries."

Warn Infidel Aussies off going there, yes.  But as for the Muslims.... if our Authorities had a gram of sense they would do nothing to dissuade or prevent Australia-resident Muslims from departing for Syria or Iraq; whilst taking steps to make sure that such persons, once departed, would never - should they survive their Jolly Jihad Adventure -  be able to return. - CM





Posted on 11/10/2014 10:21 PM by Christina McIntosh
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