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Friday, 14 November 2014
The School that Says Osama Bin Laden Was a Hero

The Red Mosque makes a comeback in Pakistan. BBC:

A hardline cleric in Pakistan is teaching the ideas of Osama Bin Laden in religious schools for about 5,000 children. Even while the Pakistani government fights the Taliban in the north-west of the country, it has no plans to close schools educating what could be the next generation of pro-Taliban jihadis.

"We share the same objectives as the Taliban but we don't offer military training. We work on minds. The Taliban are more hands-on," says Abdul Aziz Ghazi, imam of Islamabad's controversial Red Mosque.

"We teach about the principles of jihad. It's up to students if they want to get military training after they leave here. We don't discourage them."

Ghazi runs eight seminaries - madrassas as they are known - the first of which was founded after his father went on a journey to meet Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

"Osama Bin Laden is a hero for us all. He stood up to America and he won. He inspired the mission of the school," says Ghazi.

In one of the seminaries, the library is named in honour of Bin Laden, who was killed by US Navy Seals in Pakistan in 2011.

Ghazi, his mosque and his seminaries, have come a long way since 2007, when the Pakistani army was sent to lay siege to the radical mosque, and later stormed it. The events left 100 dead, including many militants, and Ghazi's younger brother, mother and son.

Ghazi himself became known as the "Burka Mullah" after he was caught trying to escape wearing a woman's face veil and robe as a disguise.

Now 3,000 girls and 2,000 boys are studying at his institutions.

The syllabus is a heavy mix of Koranic recitation, Arabic and theology. Science, maths and arts are seen as "worldly" and barely feature. Many of the schools core texts have been written by Ghazi and printed within the seminaries' own printing room. The shortest courses are 12 months long but students can also enrol in an eight-year programme that delivers imam status upon graduation.

"The Taliban ran Afghanistan very well. They created a just society that was the envy of the world," says 24-year-old Abdullah who will graduate from the imam school next year.

He too cites Osama Bin Laden as his inspiration. His interpretation of Islam recommends stoning, public executions and limited access to education for women.

"We all have the same aim - to create a society in which there is no corruption. We want justice for everyone. The only way to achieve that is through Sharia law and an Islamic state," he says.

Abdullah is one of 18 imams who will graduate from the school in 2015, in order to carry these ideas into communities across Pakistan.


Posted on 11/14/2014 5:38 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
14 Nov 2014
Christina McIntosh

To understand this fully-indoctrinated fully-orthodox young mohammedan mobster, one needs to understand Islamspeak.

In Islamspeak "corruption" = anything at all that is not-Islam. Christianity = corruption in the land. Judaism = corruption in the land.  Hinduism, Buddhism, atheism, everything not-Islam = "corruption".  Rembrandt paintings and the music of Bach and the statues of Michaelangelo are "corruption", because they contravene the sharia of Islam.

"Justice" = the sharia of Islam, or alternatively, anything in conformity with the sharia of Islam.

Everything else is "unjust".  So kidnapping and raping and force-"converting" a Nigerian schoolgirl, or a Yazidi or Iraqi Christian schoolgirl, even a girl as young as 11 or 12, and selling her to another Muslim to be his sex-slave, is perfectly "just", fully in accord with the sharia and the example of warlord Mohammed...but if the US marines were to swoop in and rescue her, and she were to reconvert to Christianity, that would be "unjust", because defying the will and lusts of the mohammedan Mob.

Murdering Asia Bibi is "just" because she has been accused of "blasphemy!!" by a Muslm on the basis of her stating that Jesus was a better person than Mohammed; releasing her and allowing her and her family to leave Pakistan free and clear, would be "unjust". 

That is the way the mohammedan mob 'thinks'.

To the fully-convinced Muslim, it is "unjust" that six billion non-Muslims in sovereign non-Muslim nations governed by non-sharia belief systems and systems of law and government still dare, in defiance of the sharia of Islam, in defiance of the Quran, Sira and Hadith, to occupy and control a large part of planet earth.  It is "unjust" that such people are not under the heel of Muslims.

The animist or Chrisitan Inuktitut are "unjustly" occupying Greenland, for example.

The mere existence of Hindu-majority sovereign India is, to Muslims, a screaming example of "injustice".  The mere existence of the sovereign Jewish state of Israel is an "injustice".

Islam fosters megalomania and malignant narcissism: they seriously believe themselves to be the Lords of the Earth, fully entitled to rob, rape, humiliate, torment, exploit, degrade, and KILL - at will, for fun and profit - everybody on earth who is not Muslim.  And that, they fondly think and are taught, would be "just".  And if anyone tries to stop them from doing it, or dares to tell them that all the horrible, cruel things that they intend and are trying to do or are in fact doing to all nonMuslims on earth are things that all other major world religions condemn as EVIL,  they scream with rage like toddlers in a tantrum.