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Monday, 8 December 2014
The One That Got Away: Lorenzo Vinciguerra Escapes the Abu Sayyaf During Firefight With Filipino Army (And Gets in a Blow For the Infidel Side, First)

Lorenzo Vinciguerra...his family, one must assume, hail from the Italian-speaking portion of Switzerland.  How did his forefathers gain the name of Vinciguerra?  Nomen est omen...

First up, however, the ABC version, which omits perhaps the most important thing.

'Swiss man Lorenzo Vinciguerra, kidnapped by Islamic extremists (sic: by Muslim mobsters - CM) in the Philippines in 2012, rescued during gun-battle'.

"A Swiss man kidnapped by Islamic militants in the southern Philippines nearly three years ago has been rescued during a gunbattle between soldiers and his abductors, the military say.

'Lorenzo Vincigueera ran away (and how was he able to run away? - see the other reports I will link next, to find out - CM) from the Abu Sayyaf militants (sic: jihadi terror raiders - CM) during the clash on the remote island of Jolo, and was picked up by the soldiers, national military spokesman Colonel Restituto Padilla said.

"He found an opportunity to escape because of the running gun-battle with our troops", Colonel Padilla said.

'Switzerland's ambassador to the Philippines, Ivo Sieber, confirmed Mr Vinciguerra was safely at a military hospital after receiving non-life-threatening injuries during his escape.

'However, the military said a Dutchman abducted with Mr Vincigueera, Ewold Horn, had not been rescued, and there was no information yet about him.

'Mr Vinciguerra and Mr Horn were on an expedition to photograph rare birds on the remote Tawi Tawi island group in the southern Philippines, when they were abducted by unknown gunmen, and turned over to the Abu Sayyaf.

'At the time of their abductions, Mr Vinciguerra was reported to be aged 47, and Mr Horn was 52.

'The  Abu Sayyaf has been blamed for (sic: has carried out - CM) the worst terror attacks in Philippine history, including repeated kidnappings of foreigners, who are usually ransomed off for huge amounts.

'It is (correctly - CM) considered a terrorist organisation by the United States, which has provided military assistance and training to Filipino troops to hunt down the group.

'Many foreign governments warn their citizens against travelling to the Tawi Tawis and other islands in the southern Philippines that are regarded as strongholds for the Abu Sayyaf and other Islamic militants...

And of course, this means that the Muslims establish yet another "no go" region; and the non-Muslim Filipino state and its economy lose money because of the diminishing of revenue from tourists. 

But now for certain aspects of Mr Vinciguerra's escape story that should gladden the hearts of Infidels everywhere, and which the ABC and the AFP omitted.

Jim Gomez, writing for Associated Press, has a colourful account that appeared at Yahoo news:

'Swiss Hostage Escapes From Filipino Extremists' (that is: from Murderous Muslim Kidnappers - CM).

'Manila, Philippines - A Swiss hostage made a dramatic escape Saturday from Abu Sayyaf extremists when he hacked a rebel commander and then got shot as he dashed to freedom amid a military bombardment, ending more than two years of jungle captivity in the southern Philippines, officials said.

'Lorenzo Vinciguerra, 49, made his daring escape while government forces were firing artillery rounds near the jungle forest where he was being held in mountainous Patikul town in Sulu province.

"He grabbed a long knife, hacked an Abu Sayyaf commander, and then ran away, but was shot and wounded by another militant, security officials said.

'Philippine army scout rangers later found him and escorted him to safety.

"He was wounded, but he's well and recovering in hospital" regional military commander Lt Gen Rustico Guerrero said by phone.

'In Bern, the Swiss government expressed relief that Vinciguerra had regained his freedom, but regretted that his Dutch companion remained in captivity.

'While lying later in a military combat hospital bed, his head wrapped in bandages, Vinciguerra basked in his hard-won freedom, and thanked the military.  He said he was happy because he can finally spend Christmas with his family, but worried about his companion, Ewold Horn, who was still in Abu Sayyaf custody (sic: still held captive by Abu Sayyaf thugs - CM) in Sulu's jungles.

"I talked to him, and asked him to join me, but he refused", Vinciguerra said of Horn, adding that the Dutchman had teeth problems, and other ailments..

"Vinciguerra was seized by the militants in nearby Tawi Tawi province in February 2012 while on a bird-watching trip with Horn and Ivan Sarenas, a Filipino birdwatcher who served as their guide.

'Sarenas, who escaped shortly after they were seized, by jumping off a boat that was taking them to Sulu, said he was happy about Vinceguerra's escape..

"Sarenas said [of his own escape] that he was determined to escape, and that Vinciguerra and Horn had agreed to his plan. Sarenas, a triathlete, said he jumped off the boat and dove deep underwater for fear he would be shot. He wasn't, and was rescued by fishermen...

"The Abu Sayyaf was founded in the early 1990s on Basilan Island near Jolo.  With an unwieldy collective of Islamic preachers and outlaws ("Islamic preachers" and "outlaws"...a distinction without a difference - CM) it vowed to wage jihad, or holy war, in the predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines, but lost its key leaders early in combat, sending it on a violent path of extremism and criminality...

Again: 'jihad or holy war'.  'Aviolent path of extremism and criminality"  A distinction without a difference; vide Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Hezbollah, and of course, the founder himself, Mohammed the warlord, slave-taker, rapist of captured girls, caravan-raider, sender-out of assassins and all-round bandit chief. - CM

'The Al Qaida-inspired (sic: read, instead " the thoroughly and traditionally Islamic" - CM) group still has an estimated 400 fighters split into about six factions..

"Although weakened by battle setbacks the militants have survived thanks largely to money collected from ransom kidnappings and extortion.

'The Philippine military recently launched a new offensive against the militants after they staged a new bout of kidnappings, including the seizing of Chinese tourists in neighbouring Malaysia's Sabah state, which is only hours away by speedboat from the southern Philippines.

Kidnapping Chinese tourists, eh?  Obviously the Abu Sayyaf have never heard of the Hogwarts motto - "Draco dormiens numquam titillandus."  Keep doing that, guys, and you might regret it, severely. - CM

'Marines and army troops assaulted at least three Sulu jungle encampments of the Abu Sayyaf on Saturday with artillery and gunfire, including in Patikul, killing an unspecified number of militants, according to the military".

The Telegraph has picked up on this account, and includes the information -  that Vinciguerra managed to kill his jihadi captor -

'Swiss man hostage kills guard and escapes Islamist group in Philippines.

"A Swiss wildlife photographer escaped from Islamist rebels in the Philippines on Saturday, killing one of them with a machete as he made a break for freedom during a clash between the insurgents and government troops, a Philippine officer said...

"Mr Vinciguerra made a grab for his guard's machete during a clash between troops and the rebels, said Colonel Allan Arrojado, commander of the army's Joint Task Group on the island of Sulu.

"The Swiss man was wounded on his left cheek as he wrestled for the machete, finally getting hold of it and slashing the guard on the neck, Colonel Arrojado said.

Bravo! Vinciguerra! - CM

"He dashed while other bandits were shooting at him", Arrojado said.

And he got away. He has spared his family and his government the humiliation and expense of paying vast sums of money in ransom to mohammedan thugs; he has also avoided the horrible possibility of some day becoming the victim du jour in a Jihadi Death Porn beheading video.  He saw his chance in the midst of battle and he took it; he seized the weapon closest to hand - his enemy's own weapon - and used it; and struck a blow for the Infidels and free people everywhere, against the Mohammedan Mob.- CM

'Mr Vinciguerra was being held with Dutch national Ewold Horn, 52, and shouted at him to run, but the Dutch man had been "very sick and very weak" and unable to escape, Colonel Arrojado said..

"Switzerland's Foreign Ministry said Mr Vinciguerra was in good health considering the circumstances. He remained in the custody of the Philippines armed forces and would return to Switzerland as soon as possible...

"The Philippines armed forces said five militants were killed and seven wounded in the firefight...".

Five militants were killed.  Presumably that total of five includes the one that Mr Vinciguerra himself accounted for - with the jihadi's own machete, seized and used.  Jihadis love to 'smite at the neck'...well, this particular jihadi discovered that the despised Infidels, too, can smite at the neck, when sufficiently motivated. - CM

Posted on 12/08/2014 5:59 AM by Christina McIntosh
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