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Wednesday, 24 December 2014
Hind Al-Fayez, That Jordanian MP, Briefly Celebrated As A Defender Of Women, Turns Out To Be Consumed With Hysterical Hate

Hind Al-Fayez was treated with contempt by a fellow, but male, member of the Jordanian Parliament. She refused to shut up and sit down, as he had directed her to do, and for this she was made much of, the heroine of an hour, bravely standing up for the rights of women. She doesn't care for how Muslims treat women, though perhaps she and her admirers think that that way is not part of Islam but simply reflects male attitudes everywhere. But her hysterical hatred of Israel is rooted in attitudes that arise out of the teachings of the same texts -- Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira -- that gave rise to the contempt her male colleague exhibited for her as a woman. She'll never be able to understand that, nor will her hijabbed many admirers. 

But you can understand, I can understand, everyone not brain-addled either by Islam or the ideology that makes some non-Muslims into Defenders of That Faith can understand. 

Posted on 12/24/2014 3:25 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
25 Dec 2014
Christina McIntosh
I clicked on the link and read the article. Then I read the comments. Most involved the blackest of black humour, and ran somewhat like this - "You want to set fire to yourself rather than buy gas from Israel? Fine, go ahead, I'll supply the matches".