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Wednesday, 31 December 2014
The Vast Majority of Muslims

by Richard Butrick (January 2015)

Let’s not blame all Italians for the Mafia. Let’s not blame all Germans for Auschwitz. This seems only fair, judicious and a healthy counter to mob-mentality and over-reaction.

Strangely enough this seemingly admirable judicious let’s-not-overgeneralize, in-all-fairness mindset also seems frequently coupled with the self-righteous ready to blame-all-white Americans for slavery and treatment of American Indians.  more>>>

Posted on 12/31/2014 9:12 AM by NER
24 Jan 2015
Ole Sandberg
Great theoretical analysis, but the practical argument for fighting Islam is easier to make based on nothing more than the most rudimentary knowledge of Islam's past and present. Resisting the current spread of Islam doesn't involve passing judgment on individual muslims, any more than fighting Nazi Germany involved judging the individual German soldier (who might well be in the fight solely out of fear of being executed for desertion if he refused); it's an act of self-preservation in a situation that doesn't allow for the luxury of indulging in fine moral distinctions. By arguing for the cessation of muslim immigration, and even the deportation of muslims already here, one does not judge individual muslims clamoring to get in or already installed, he is arguing in favor of putting an end to a reckless social experiment that will have disastrous consequences for native non-muslims if allowed to continue.

15 Jan 2015
Peter from Oz
This article is well written. I would only add that too many people suffer from logical dissonannce in that they don't seem to be able to distinguish an idea from the people who believe in that idea. Thus they think that if we attack the doctrine of Islam for containing the seeds that incite evil young men to commit acts of violence, then we are attacking all muslim people. That is of course the silly leftist, who is more exercised by racism than by violence.

13 Jan 2015
Send an emailDavid Gontar
A fine presentation. When the supposedly peace-loving Muslim asks that he and his ideology not be condemned for terrorist actions of his brethren, he should first explain what efforts were taken by the peaceful majority to quell the waves of Islamic outrages. If nothing was done by the so-called peaceful Muslims to oppose and stop terrorism, the request for general clemency is bogus. Islamic scriptures call for violent jihad, and that call is heeded and implemented by thousands of believers, while millions of passive Muslims look on and do nothing but special pleading for themselves. Not only is this patently immoral, the reasoning used to extract an ethical pass for the silent majority is a piece of chicanery that plainly reflects Islamic thought and character. The world is being asked to not only wink at atrocities but to participate in the sophisms of those who would have our approval without lifting a finger on behalf of the victims of jihadi terrorism

6 Jan 2015
Send an emailMichael Woodman
I echo Hugh's comment: lucid and piercing. Excellent work. You have chosen your target very wisely and dissected it brilliantly.

31 Dec 2014
Send an emailHugh Fitzgerald
Lucid and piercing. I hope it is sent far and wide.