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On the Seventh Day of Christmas

The Seven Stars Carey Street London and Seven Swans loitering with intend.
The Seven Stars is a very old pub opposite the back entrance to the Royal Courts of Justice. The pub (1602)  is nearly 300 years older than the court (1875). Carey Street used to be the entrance to the Bankruptcy Court (the sign remained into my day, although hearings in London are now done in the new Thomas More Building). The warning to a foolhardy business venture "He'll end up on Carey Street" is no longer current. Next door to the pub is an exquisite jewellers called The Silver Mousetrap, founded in 1690, although no longer run by the original family.
The Swans are, from top to bottom, and left to right, The Swan Wells Somerset, the White Swan and Cockoo in Wapping, the Black Swan in Harrowgate. I'll put my hands up, I didn't take that one as so far I have not passed a Black Swan pub with a decent sign. That picture is the work of Alexander Kapp on the
PubsGalore website. As the pub is closed and according to the CAMRA website will reopen shortly after considerable building work as the Swan on the Stray I felt able to use his photograph as it is now a historical document.
Next is the White Swan in Fetter Lane London, the White Swam Pimlico, then the Swan holding the clock of Dipplers the Jewellers in Norwich. Not a pub sign but lets not be pedantic, its all part of the historic charm of our cities. The final swan is The Swan in Leadenhall. Leadenhall Market does duty as Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films.