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M.G. Orde C. Wingate – British Christian Zionist, Father of the IDF and Valiant Commander of the CHINDITS in WWII Burma

If you are in the Washington metro vicinity on May 1st, officially the eve of Yom Ha Shoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel ,  you  might go and witness a stirring event: the wreath laying ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery in memory of British Christian Zionist and father of the IDF, Major Gen.  Orde Charles Wingate.    His remains lie mingled  with those of nine members of  an American 1st Air Commando crew whose B-25 Mitchell bomber  crashed in Burma in March, 1944. The remains of Wingate and the Americans who died in Burma were transferred in 1950 to the hallowed ground of our national  military cemetery.

Watch this brief You Tube video of pictures of Wingate as Commander of the famed  CHINDITS force that disrupted the Japanese in Burma during WWII by inserting forces  by air behind enemy lines.

The American Jewish War Veterans  with hold its 35th annual memorial ceremony at which Israeli Ambassador to the US, the Hon. Michael Oren, the British Air Attache, a USAF General and others who served with Wingate  will speak at Wingate’s gravesite. 

See the JWV announcement  below of the program for this year's memorial.

Wingate is revered as the fabled “Ha Yedadid” - the friend- who trained the Special Night Squads (SNS) composed of Jewish Palestinians, that successfully fought Jihadis during the Arab Riots of 1936 to 1939. Many of the SNS trainees became commanders of  combat units of IDF on the founding of the State of Israel in May, 1948 at the start of the War for Independence.  Wingate established the enduring IDF doctrine of 'purity of arms" in pre-state irregular special ops against Arab Muslim bands of terrorists backed by the infamous Grand Mufti, Haj Amin Al Husseini. A number of IDF training facilities and streets in Israel are named in his memory. 

Wingate was the commander of an irregular unit of Ethiopians, Brits, Australians and Palestinian Jews, called the Gideon Force after the Biblical general who was a legendary early practitioner of irregular warfare.   Wingate’s unit succeeding in vanquishing the Italian force that had occupied Ethiopia since 1936; an early allied victory in the summer of 1941.


Despite Wingate’s own legendary eccentricities, he became one of Churchill’s favorite combat commanders because of his championing of irregular warfare.  After a meeting with Churchill in Quebec, he was promoted  and seconded to Admiral Lord Louis Mounbatten, who  was Allied Supremo in the  South East Asia Command,  an aficionado of special ops warfare.  Wingate developed a plan for engaging in behind the lines warfare against the Japanese forces in Burma establishing  an aerial re-supply chain for Jungle bases using the resources of US Army Air Force 1st Air Commandos. The combined British, Commonweath  and American force became known as  CHINDITS - taken from the name of Burmese  Buddhist  Temple  statuary dogs.  The CHINDITS engaged in  the second largest air invasions of  WWII  when more than 22,000 troops were deployed deep in Japanese –held  Burmese territory in Operation Thursday.  The commander of the US Ist  Air Commandos, who worked closely with Wingate  Col. Philip Cochran   became the model for the character Flip Cochran  in Milton Connif’s  comic strip, “Terry and the Pirates.”

Wingate’s sudden tragic death in a US Air commando plane crash in  March 1944 deprived both the allies and the IDF of a brilliant combat officer who  might have become, if he had lived,  the first commander of Israeli forces, even as a Christian Zionist. That role was left to American  Jewish West Point graduate and US Army Ranger officer, Col. David “Mickey” Marcus, who was tragically killed by friendly fire during the early stages of Israel’s War for Independence.  Col. Marcus is buried ‘on the plains’ at West Point- the US Military Academy.

Despite his tragic death in WWII combat, Wingate's legacy lives on in the military doctrine of the IDF and in special ops training in several armed services,  American, British and Israel.

Orde Wingate

Honoring the memory of General Orde Wingate

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA and the JWV Department of DC hold a memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery each year to remember British military Commander and ardent Zionist Orde Wingate who is credited with being the founder of Israel's military. Wingate, known in Israel as Hayedid (the Friend), helped to organize the precursor to the Israel Defense Forces and to train Israel's future military leaders while serving as an officer in Palestine in the late 1930's. People gather at Wingate's grave to hear representatives from the Israeli and British Embassies and others discuss Wingate's accomplishments. The Jewish War Veterans have held a memorial service honoring Wingate for more than 35 years.

Public Invited
General Orde Wingate Memorial Ceremony
Sunday, May 1, 2011 - 2:30 PM
Arlington National Cemetery
Gravesite 288 - Section 12
Parking permitted at Gravesite (west side of Grant Avenue)
In the event of rain, ceremony will move to the Women's National Memorial Auditorium


Tributes by:
Honorable Michael Oren
Israeli Ambassador to the United States
Air Commodore, Ken McCann
Military Attache, Embassy of Great Britain
General John Alison, USAF Ret. Served with General Wingate in Burma
Professor Nicholas Kittrie, JD, American University Served with General Wingate in Burma

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