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BAE, In Up To Its Neck In Louche Activities, Should Lose U.S. Contracts

Here is BAE, firing a Medal of Honor winner, because he objected to the sale of advanced scopes to meretricious Pakistan. Here is BAE, that has been involved in bribery scandals with the Saudis (and no doubt with other rich Arabs up and down the left littoral of the Persian Gulf), a scandal that the British government refused to investigate because it had been threatened by the Saudis who wanted the investigation to stop.

What does BAE produce that American defense contractors do not?

Why must BAE be given business?

And will those running for office raise the issue of what the State Department and the Pentagon muckamucks have done, are doing, in Iraq and now, especially, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that endangers the lives of American soldiers but apparently is based on the idiotic idea that Muslim military men have to have some of their unreasonable demands met lest they....lest they what? Cease to be our allies?