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Genocide Threatens Religious Minorities in Middle East Says Dr. John Eibner of CSI-USA

     Dr. John Eibner of CSI-USA

Dr. John Eibner, head of Christian Solidarity International (CSI)-USA issued a warning today about Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East of an Arab Spring turning wintry threatening possible genocide against threatened religious minorities.  Christians, Jews, Baha'i, Yezidis, Sabeans, and Ahmadias, numbering collectively over 12 million, are among the endangered minorities.

To underline CSI’s concern, Mary Abdelmassih of the AINA news service reported the attack by thousands of Muslim Salafists on elGhorayza, a predominately Coptic Christian community of 80,000 in Egypt. The attacks resulted in 2 deaths, 70 injuries, extensive property damage to homes and businesses and looting.  Further, there are foreboding reports of Muslims Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party winning upwards of 47% of seats in the first round of Egyptian Parliamentary elections, trouncing alleged secularist reform groups, who claimed less than 23%, leaving the balance perhaps in the hands of the fundamentalist Islamic  Salafist Nour party. 

As noted in our NER interview with Dr. Charles Jacobs of the American Anti-Slavery Group on Jihad Slavery in the Sudan, Dr. Eibner of CSI-USA lead the humanitarian effort to free Christian and animist slaves from Islamist overlords in the Sudan.   His leadership in advocating the independence of the Republic of South Sudan was finally realized in July, 2011 following a near unanimous referendum  under the terms of the US- brokered Comprehensive Peace Act of 2005.

Eibner in a letter to President Obama urged action to prevent a catastrophic genocide in the wake of the Arab Spring CSI simultaneously launched a petition to the President, asking him to respond to the upsurge of violence against religious minorities in the Middle East in his upcoming State of the Union Address.

Writing today to President Obama, Dr. John Eibner, CEO of CSI-USA, stated:

"Conditions for genocide against non-Muslim communities exist in varying degrees throughout the region stretching from Pakistan to Morocco. The crisis of survival for non-Muslim communities is especially acute in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, the Palestinian territories, Iran and Pakistan."

Eibner also reminded President Obama of genocide warnings issued this year by French President Nicholas Sarkozy and former Lebanese President Amine Gemayal.

He furthermore recalled the President's May 19 speech on events in the Middle East, in which he committed to establish universal human rights, including religious freedom, as "a top priority that must be translated into concrete actions, and supported by all of the diplomatic, economic and strategic tools at our disposal."

CSI urged President Obama to present in his State of the Union Address a Middle East policy that includes:

1.   An appeal to the UN Secretary General for the issuance of a Genocide Warning and implementation of preventative measures on the basis of Security Council Resolution 1366 (2001),

2.   The commitment of at least 15% of US funding pledged for the support of democratic transition in the region to be devoted to combating Islamic supremacism, and

3.   A pledge to withhold U.S. funding for institutions that promote religious discrimination.

Eibner concluded his letter to the President stating: "Millions of lives and the future of a religiously pluralistic civilization in the Middle East are at stake."

CSI is an international, Christian human rights organization, campaigning for religious liberty and human dignity, and assisting victims of religious persecution, victimized children and victims of catastrophe.