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Gap years

The BBC fills a much needed gap in its bashing of Israel with this story:

A 40 year-old recording of the 'mind the gap' message played on the London Underground will be used once more so the widow of the actor behind the warning can hear his voice.

Oswald Laurence was heard for years on the Northern Line and lastly at Embankment station - where Dr Margaret McCollum would go just to hear her husband's voice after his death.

Transport for London stopped using the message in November, devastating Dr McCollum.

But now, having been "touched" by the widow's story, TfL is planning to bring it back.

I remember "mind the gap" -- the first friendly words I heard when I came to live in London. The recording slowed at one time, so the words became stretched: "Mi-i-ind the ga-a-p."  I didn't notice anything amiss, assuming that passengers through Embankment Station were being advised to have a care when applying genearlly accepted accounting principles. As well they might. One misstep and you go under.