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The Autobiography of a London Gangster

by NB Armstrong (October 2013)

Benny Strong was a member of The McCowell criminal firm that “worked the pavement” and spread terror across London from the 1960s until very recently. He has now published his memoirs, This Gangster is One of Your Own. In the extract from which follows, Benny starts by recalling some of the “faces” he came across over the years.

Back in the very early days there was Nips Farago, a great fella (or face) who was very very unlucky. He got turfed out the firm cause no one really has a name like Nips Farago, do they? OB followed him round from a young age waiting for Nips to do naughty things cause of his lovable rogue name. We couldn’t be dealing with all the agg he got off of wilf. He was a lovely man was Nips, despite the kids and fallen arches, and it was a sad day when we asked him to leave the East End, which by this time had expanded to include South Yorkshire.  more>>>