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A Raid on the Articulate: G. Wilson Knight and the Battle of Elsinore

by David P. Gontar (October 2014)

“And so each venture / Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate / With shabby equipment always deteriorating / In the general mess of imprecision of feeling, / Undisciplined squads of emotion.”
                     -- T.S. Eliot 



What Eliot says so well about the fashioning of poetry applies also to its reception by readers and audiences. Where the richest tropes are concerned, rarely are we equal to the task. Outnumbered by words, we leap from book-strewn trenches when exegetical duty calls to try to gain a few hundred yards of insight before we are tossed aside by winds of doctrine. Indeed, the bones of many a once-renowned littérateur lie bleaching in the sun. Among those forgotten heroes is G. Wilson Knight (1897-1985), in his day the prolific doyen of belles-lettres and Shakespearean exposition. Knight rests now, buried in footnotes and interminable bibliography.  more>>>