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Ivan Rioufol: Those Phony Muslim Opponents Of The Islamic State


A few hundred people -- Muslims -- showed up, summoned by the official government-supported Imam of the Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur. A few hundred, out of several million in France. And they were quick to resist the attempt to allow them to distance themselves, by setting up that Islam vs. Islamism opposition. They knew better, and were going to remain loyal to Islam. And these were those claimed as opposing the Islamic State. It's been the same all over the West -- no mass rallies of heartfelt indignation by Muslims, a few throwing-sand-in-your-phase meretricious statements by the likes of CAIR, designed to make non-Muslims think that, yes, indeed, most Muslims "overwhelmingly" condemn the Islamic State and our leaders are not wrong when they keep telling us, in tutte le salse, every-which-way, that the Islamic State is a "complete perversion" of, has nothing to do with, Islam. It's Islam, straight up.