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Torts Classes Take Note: Tracy Morgan Doesn't Understand Contributory Negligence

He appears to think that Wal-Mart (whose truck hit his van) is "blaming" him. That's not it. He should have been wearing his seatbelt, and not doing so made his injuries worse. That's it. But think of how happy teachers of Torts will be to liven up their class on contributory negligence by bringing in the case of Tracy Morgan. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon, was good in her day;  a lawsuit involving her has been immortalized in Contracts casebooks, in the section about "best efforts." But that case dates from before 1920, in antediluvian days. Tracy Morgan -- he's what's happening, he's SNL and 30 Rock, he's right now. His star power will get those first-year  students in Torts class finally looking up from the Facebook pages they've been studying  on their computers in class all semester, and they will begin to pay attention.