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Auntie Does Dawa, II: A Wholly Uncritical

I am putting this one up - though it is a week old - because it is irritatingly typical of the frantic flurry of pro-Muslim pieces that have filled our national - and our privately-owned - media in Australia in recent weeks, most notably in the wake of the Muslim attempted murder of two policemen and the fortunately-foiled Muslim jihad plot to behead infidel Aussies on Australian soil.  However, it is possible that the grovellingly-eager Defenders of Islam may be piling it on just a tad too thick and strong and may end up having an effect upon the Great Australian Infidel Public that may be quite opposite to that which they are seeking; when I was visiting family a week ago, a relative remarked sourly that he was getting heartily sick of hearing about Muslims, Muslims, Muslims and Islam every time he turned on the radio or the TV or opened up a newspaper.

'Australia's Mosques Throw Open Doors in Attempt to "Shake Away Misconceptions" About Islam

No, this is not about removing misconceptions. Anything but.  No way will any of these mosques have mentioned the centrality of the jihad imperative in Islam, or the grim division of the world into dar al harb and dar al Islam with the latter required to wage war unendingly upon the former by any and all means necessary - whether by force, or by fraud - until the whole of planet earth is ruled by Muslims and all non-Muslims have been converted, or reduced to near-slave dhimmi status or ...exterminated.  What this little exercise in disinformation is all about is to perpetuate misconceptions - such as the idea that Islam is somehow no different from Christianity or Judaism, or that it is "a religion of peace" rather than the religion of blood and war - and bamboozle the circumambient kuffar into thinking there is really nothing to worry about...until it is too late.  "Come into my parlour", said the spider to the flies...- CM

'Mosques around the country have thrown open their doors today as part of a government initiative (a government initiative??? - !!!!  No infidel authorities in Australia, whether state or federal or local, should have had anything whatever to do with this. - CM) to "shake away misconceptions" about the faith.

'The Muslim Youth Association of Western Australia said negative world events, such as last week's terrorist attacks in Canada (which were carried out by Muslims in accord with incitement broadcast by the pious and orthodox Muslims of the Islamic State - CM) and the international military campaign against Islamic State, have skewed some people's opinions of what Islam is really about.

No, the Islamic State has not "skewed" opinion. Rather, it is showing a great many non-Muslims exactly what orthodox, traditional Islam is all about.  Beheadings, stonings, mass murder and driving-out and robbery of non-Muslims and of deemed-insufficiently-Islamic or wrong-sect Muslims, and the wholesale seizure and rape and sale of non-Muslim females as sex slaves, are all right there in the canonical texts of Islam (for beheading, for example, see Surah 47.4 which instructs Muslims to "smite at their necks") and the violent and bloody career of Mohammed the warlord, his so-called "Companions", and the four caliphs who came after him...and have been a feature of the conduct of Muslims all over the world throughout 14 centuries of non-stop jihad ever since (waxing and waning according to the global, regional and local strength of the Ummah or Mohammedan mob).  - CM

'Muslim Youth WA vice president Ali Chaudhry said the event, which has attracted hundreds of people across the country (one hopes that at least some of those hundreds were well aware of the snow job that they were going to encounter, but were not about to pass up the chance to do a quiet recce of the enemy base - CM), seeks to break down misconceptions (no, it is intended to perpetuate them - CM), allowing non-Muslims to enter the mosque and take a tour.

What a magnificent concession!  One day each year the filthy kuffar will be permitted - under close and careful supervision - to do a Potemkin Village tour of a mosque! Whereas any non-Christian who wishes to find out what goes on in a church can just cruise in through the front door on any Sunday of the year during the advertised service times or even - in the case of places such as Cathedrals which keep their doors open to the public all day long - at any time of day whether a service is happening or not.  And a similar sort of deal applies, so far as I know, with synagogues and with Buddhist and Hindu and Taoist temples or shrines; when the doors are open anyone - whether an adherent or non-adherent - who wishes and who is prepared to observe common courtesy may come inside. - CM

"In certain parts of the world there are certain negative events happening (understatement of the year; and note that these "negative events" are "happening", there is no human agency; he does not say, "people identifying themselves as Muslims are doing really horrible things to non-Muslims and quoting Muslim texts to authorise what they are doing" - CM) and it can skew some people's views about what the faith is about and what the majority of Muslims actually believe", he said.

No, it's showing people exactly what happens when Muslims take Islam fully to heart.  Beheadings of captives, and enslavement on the grand scale, and extortion, and rape of female captives, and attacks upon and destruction of non-Muslim places of worship and mass murder of non-Muslims; all of which have been done by jihad-waging Muslims, on three continents, for 1400 years, and all of which are described and endorsed in the canonical texts of Islam. - CM

"People may get the impression [from events overseas] that this is what the faith is about, when 99.9 percent of Muslims are just like everybody else".

You're a liar, mate. Any number of surveys of Muslim attitudes - most notably large-scale opinion polls done by the Pew Research Center -  have shown that large percentages of Muslims do not think like "everybody else" (that is, like non-Muslims of the Western world) on subjects such as what ought to be done to people who leave Islam. In Indonesia, for example, at least 16 percent of Muslims surveyed thought apostates should be killed (which is precisely what the sharia - based on authoritative Hadiths - requires) and that's one of the lower-end results, in other Muslim countries the percentages favouring the murder of apostates are much higher. - CM

'More than one hundred people turned out at the Werribee Islamic Centre in Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne's west.

'Inter-faith worker April Robinson said she was glad people were learning more about a different religion.

They are not learning. They will have learnt nothing from a visit to a mosque during which they will have been fed half-truths and outright lies.  They would do better to have read Patrick Sookhdeo's "Freedom to Believe: Challenging Islam's Apostasy Law" and Samuel Zwemer "The Apostasy Law of Islam", or Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Infidel" or Robert Spencer's "Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran" or Mark Durie's "The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom", or even just Sookhdeo's Barnabas Fund booklets, "What is Islam?" and "What is Sharia?".  Or Sookhdeo's wife Rosemary's meticulously-researched book about the lot of Muslim women behind the closed doors of the Muslim 'community' in the UK, "Secrets Behind the Burka".  And one should not forget ex-Muslim Sam Solomon, "The Mosque and Its Role In Society", and "Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration". And Coptic American scholar Raymond Ibrahim, his series of incisive articles on Islamic doctrines of deception. After that, they could go online and watch David Wood's various youtube videos on Islam, or Pat Condell, or browse around at MEMRI and find out what Muslim "sermons" are generally like (eye-opening, that), or watch "Islam: What the West Needs to Know", or Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali's little film about thoroughly-orthodox Muslim misogyny, "Submission", or Geert Wilder's "Fitna", which despite all attempts to suppress it, is still out there somewhere and can be found by those who are sufficiently determined.  There is, too, the TV documentary, "Undercover Mosque" and "Undercover Mosque: The Return". - CM

"It's easy to understand people's fear, I think, when people see something so different from their own reality", she said.

Yes, different: like "Palestinian" Arab Muslims exhibiting hysterical glee and hailing as a "martyr" a young Muslim man whose only achievement was to get shot by police after having taken a car and driven it headlong into a group of Jewish pedestrians in Jerusalem, murdering an infant and a sweet Ecuadorian girl who was a convert to Judaism. Or different like the pious converts to Islam who ran over and then beheaded Lee Rigby in the street and quoted Quranic verses in justification of their deeds. Or like the huge Muslim mobs baying for the death of a "blaspheming" Christian matron in Pakistan, Asia Bibi.  CM

"Which is why I'm so glad to see so many people out here to day trying to understand and embrace (did I hear that right? "embrace"? is this fool woman eagerly anticipating that people will convert to Islam?- CM) another culture and tradition and religion".

Polygyny, slavery (including sex slavery, as practised and boasted about - and justified from Islamic scripture - by Boko Haram and Islamic State jihadis), wife-beating, FGM, "honor" murders of females, forced and/ or child "marriage", talaq divorce, the ban on Muslim females marrying non-Muslim men, forced veiling, chopping off of hands of persons accused of theft, flogging of those who drink alcohol, stoning-to-death of "adulterers", virulent and vicious antisemitism manifesting itself continually in attacks upon and murder of Jews whether in Israel or elsewhere (Miriam Monsonego, in Toulouse? do you remember her, Ms Robinson?), murder of apostates, murder of "blasphemers"'re fine with all that, Ms Robinson?? For all of these things are hardwired into Muslim texts, and have been and are part of Muslim "culture" and "tradition". - CM

'Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, visiting Lakemba Mosque in western Sydney, said the open day was an opportunity for people to have their questions about the faith answered.

No, it is an occasion upon which people will have been comprehensively and brazenly lied to (though I would like to have been a fly on the wall, if any of the persons entering the mosque had gone with prior knowledge, and had had the wit to ask sweetly about, for example, Mohammed's bedding of nine-year-old Aisha and its relevance to, for example, the recent case of an Aussie convert to Islam marrying off his 12 year old daughter to a Lebanese Muslim twice her age).  If Mr Morrison were to read what Raymond Ibrahim has written about taqiyya - and other forms of sacralised Islamic deception - he would never have gone near this damned mosque, and he would not be talking such dangerous nonsense. - CM

'He said it was part of a broader government initiative to "shake away misconceptions" within the community about Islam.

Yes, the government should remove misconceptions about Islam.  But giving the Muslims a free hand to engage in dawa and disinformation is not the way to do it. This is as if, during the run-up to World War II, or even during that conflict, Nazi sympathisers and avowed Nazis had been given control - by the Allied governments! - of what the public were to be told about Nazi beliefs and goals.  - CM

"It means people can come and see first hand what occurs here within this community (that, my dear Mr Morrison, is exactly what they will not see!  Mr Morrison needs to be told about "Undercover Mosque", or of the Czech documentary, "I, Muslim" which both exposed the brazen twofacedness of those who frequent the mosque, and how what they say to outsiders in carefully-controlled occasions, and what they say among themselves, when they think no kuffar are present, are two entirely different things - CM) and...have the opportunity to speak candidly and explain the many different parts about Islam that most of us who don't have a day to day involvement wouldn't have an opportunity to do", he said.

I don't suppose anybody asked questions about Surah 4: 34, the wife-beating verse.  Or the verses that talk about "possessions of the right hand", and how these relate to recent taking of non-Muslim women as sex slaves, by the jihadis of Boko Haram and of Islamic State. - CM

'In response to questions about whether Prime Minister Tony Abbott would attend a mosque today, Mr Morriosn said if Mr Abbott were in Lakemba, "this is where he'd be".

No, no Aussie politician should be seen going to a mosque and bowing and scraping to the sinister imams. - CM

"And I'm here representing him.  As you know, the PM gets to many events over the course of the weekend, and over the normal week, and he was very keen for me to be here today".

And meanwhile, as gullible Aussie dhimmis in training dutifully - following the example set by their ill-informed leaders - trotted into the mosques to dine on nonsense-and-lies, taqiyya and probably a heaping side-dose of tu quoque, thoroughly-orthodox jihad-waging Muslims in northern Nigeria were busy visiting churches...

"Armed Musilm extremists (sic: armed ghazi raiders - CM) stormed two churches in Taraba state on Sunday (October 19) and killed 31 people as they worshipped, a church leader said..".

Click on that link. Read the story. Look at the pictures.  It is not the only Muslim attack on a Christian church and upon Christians that has been perpetrated in the past month.  Then, go back and reread the story about the recent much-hyped "mosque open day" in Australia.  Reread the warblings of starry-eyed April Robinson, "interfaith worker".  And ask yourself what planet April and others like her - not to mention PM Abbott and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who have no excuse whatever for their apparent insistence on pretending that there is really no problem with Islam and Muslims, no problem at all! - are living on. - CM