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Where Do You Want a Jihadi? - Next Door, or in Some Part of the Wretched Dar Al Islam? Some Aussie Politicians Begin To See The Obvious

As reported yesterday by Jessica Marszalek for Queensland's "Courier Mail".  

"Let Them Go Join ISIS.  Senator - "Get Extremists Out of Our Suburbs"".

'Australian [sic: Australian-passport-holding - CM] wannabe jihadists determined to travel overseas should be allowed to go and not have their passports confiscated and [be] kept at home [sic - in reality, Australia is not 'home' to these people in the way it is to other, non-Muslim Australians; it is 'home' only insofar as it is believed by them to belong to their 'allah' who always intended for it to belong to Muslims and Muslims only, not to the dirty infidels who currently inhabit it - CM], according to a Queensland Government senator.

'LNP Senator Barry O'Sullivan yesterday told a parliamentary hearing to let them go, in order to make Australian suburbs safer.

It would have been better had he said, 'to let them go and to prevent them from ever returning'. Still, it's a start. - CM

'A second Queensland senator, Ian Macdonald, echoed Senator O'Sullivan's remarks,

Better and better.  Two Federal politicians who are actually using their brains and switching on their commonsense. - CM

'saying, "Some would say tht it's better to let them go rather than have them confined to Australia".

Yes.  And once they have gone, to wallow in blood in the jihad hotspots of the dar al Islam, or Desolation of Mohammed, they must never be permitted to return, not into any part of the Lands of the Non-Muslims. - CM

'The comments came as the pair quizzed Attorney-General George Brandis during an Estimates hearing over whether the practice of cancelling passports so people [sic: MUSLIMS - CM] cannot fly to Syria or Iraq to join ISIS was leading to "frustrated freedom fighters" in the suburbs.

'Frustrated freedom fighters"???  These folks aren't about freedom; they're about slavery.  ISIS's aim is to impose and expand and maintain - by extreme violence - the inherently violent, total and totalitarian system that is pure, classical, orthodox Islam.  A system that permits - and this is in perfect consonance with the example of Mohammed and the instructions in the Islamic books and classic works of Islamic jurisprudence - the capture, rape, and sale as slaves (that is, as disposable sex-toys for Muslim males) of infidel girl-children (in the Islamic State's recently-published prospectus of 'girls for sale' it is the ones aged 0-9 that command the very highest prices, which indicates that they are the product most in demand.) - CM

'Senator O'Sullivan said he would prefer "the frustrated terrorist (was) somewhere else rather than within Australia".

Yes. And the further point that needs to start being made by the sensible Senator is this: if we had never permitted immigration of Muslims into this country; if there were no mosques, and no Muslims at all, then we would not have to be having this debate in the first place.  Got Muslims? - got jihadis. So as well as permitting would-be jihadis who happen to be already here, to depart - and preventing their return - we should also be putting a complete stop to all further entry of additional Muslims into our country.  Let those already here, leave! do nothing to discourage them! - and ...don't import any more.  When in hole, stop digging. - CM

"I think there's concern about their return to the suburbs", he said.

You can say that again, mate.  Sounds as though he's been getting a few letters from worried Australian infidels who would prefer not to be living next door to somebody who not only avidly watches beheading videos whilst shouting 'allahu akhbar' but has been carrying out beheadings himself. - CM

"We've now got ourselves a frustrated freedom fighter (sic: "a high-on-Islam would-be beheader, slave-taker and rapist" - CM)...even more vulnerable to being persuaded to going the following day into one of our cities to commit an atrocity for the movement."

Who will carry out Jihad against the non-Muslims in Australia if they are not permitted to go wage jihad in majority-Muslim Syria or Iraq.  Of course, they will preferentially attack the remnant non-Muslims in those countries; which is why concomitant with permitting jihadis to depart and preventing their return, I would urge that when offering refugee places to Syrians and Iraqis we take only those who are not Muslim.   - CM

'After repeated questioning Senator Brandis hit back, saying Australia could not let its citizens, some of whom were teenagers, go overseas to kill.

So we must keep them at "home" - anxiously and expensively 'monitoring' those we know about (though of course more and more are pullulating out of the nurturing sea of the Ummah colonies here, every day) so that they can do their killing here?  Righto, Senator Brandis, I hope you're prepared to be held responsible when, say, sometime down the track, six or seven or ten of these "Australian citizen" jihadi teenagers attack a day-care centre or kindergarten somewhere in the suburbs, rape and behead and mutilate the infidel teachers, and then proceed to do the same to all the infidel children, whilst chanting allahu akbar? - CM

"I myself don't think that we should let an Australian adolescent (my dear Senator Brandis, they are not "Australian", they are "Australian-passport-holding adolescent MUSLIMS - CM), who is foolish enough to have been ensnared by a cult (no: who has been born-and-bred within and is consciously seeking to practise mainline by-the-book Islam, Islam, Islam - the word "cult" is perfeclty applicable so long as one faces the fact that the death cult  here is not "Islamic State", it is ISLAM, plain and simple - CM), just go overseas where he might blow himself up and blow up another 20 people at a marketplace somewhere in Iraq", he said.

My dear Senator. Speaking as an Aussie non-Muslim, I would rather that this murderous Muslim blew himself up amongst 20 other-sect or deemed-insufficiently-Islamic Muslims - which is what he is most likely to kill, in any given marketplace in Iraq - than that he blew himself up in a bus full of Aussie non-Muslims in Sydney, or Melbourne, or Brisbane, or Perth. Or would you prefer it to be the other way around, Senator Brandis? Would you really rather that 20 Australian non-Muslims got blown up here, than that 20 Muslims got blown up by their fellow Muslim - who doesn't think theyr'e Muslim enough, or the wrong kind of Muslim - in crazed-by-Islam Iraq?  Because if you keep these jihadis here at "home", dear Senator, sooner or later they will blow themselves up here, on a bus, or a train, or a plane, or in a church or a pub or a pizza parlour.  Or the pious Muslim haters of all things infidel will start running people over with cars, or stabbing people in the street, as they are already doing in Israel. Or they will start seizing and beheading people, as has already been done in London, twice, and in the USA. And the beheaders and stabbers and runners-over will not necessarily be people who are already on the ASIO radar screen. - CM

'Australia had to follow UN Security Council rules to prevent foreign fighters crossing their borders, he said.

'ASIO deputy-director-general Kerri Hartland said allowing Australians (that is, allowing Ausssie-passport-holding Muslims - CM) to develop a terrorist skill set overseas made them more dangerous when they returned.

When they returned? Why is it so supinely assumed by everyone that they must be permitted to return, no matter what the ever-escalating expense of trying to keep track of them all - as their numbers keep on growing, and growing, and no matter what the hideous likely death toll, if even one or two slip past 'under the radar'?  So-called de-radicalisation does. not. work; it's a pipe dream.  

Why cannot non-Muslim lands screw up the courage to REFUSE to permit blooded jihadis back inside the gates - gates within which, had our Authorities been prepared to do the least bit of homework into the tenets and atmospherics of Islam and the amply-documented behaviour of Muslims and of Muslim entities throughout the past 1400 years of non-stop Jihad on three continents, those jihadis and/ or the parents or grandparents of those jihadis would never have been admitted in the first place? 

And as for 'developing a terrorist skill set overseas'...dear Senator Brandis, get a clue, they don't need to go overseas to do that.  There have been jihadi training camps on Australian soil, on American soil, on French soil.  Actual experience in combat, they can only get that where there is fighting going on. But learning to make bombs or use weapons...that they can do here; and beheadings, and halal-style throat-slittings, can be practised upon large animals before the practitioner "graduates" to human victims. - CM

'Citizens whose passports are cancelled while overseas can still return to Australia.

'The questioning came after revelations surfaced that some who had travelled to Iraq or Syria to fight (to engage in jihad, including most probably pillage, rape, stonings and beheadings - CM) now wanted to return to Australia but were worried about serving jail time.'

Ohhhh, pooooor lil petals! They're 'worried'.  Cry me a river!   They mustn't feel 'worried'.  They must always feel happy, secure and loved - lest the UN (dominated by the oil-funded OIC) disapprove; they must be petted and stroked and appeased...even while they plot to slit our throats on camera so as to make boastful videos that other Muslims can gloatingly watch and share around for fun and inspiration. Well, if our idiotic Authorities are so suicidally determined to let bloody-handed dead-eyed jihadis back into the country, then why cannot they (the Authorities) at least arrest said jihadis and clap them in jail so that they may have fewer opportunities for running over, stabbing, beheading or blowing up innocent Aussie infidels?  - CM