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The Response to the Hack of Sony: Shame on America!

Schuyler Moore writes in Forbes:

Sony takes a bold move and exercises its First Amendment rights – rights that don’t exist in most of the world – to make a comedy about an assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un. In return, it suffers an outright attack from North Korea – no different than if North Korea had fired a missile onto the Sony lot. Make no mistake about it – this was a foreign government military attack on American soil, worse than 9-11 because it was government sponsored. And what does America do? Do we rally around and protect the wounded victim of this attack? Do we counterattack the foreign enemy that perpetrated this outrage? Do we defend our freedom of speech rights? Do we fight back, like we have to all other attacks in our history? Do we stand tall, united?

No! We help the enemy by rubbing salt in the wound of the victim. We pick through the detritus left on the streets from the attack and publish private correspondence that was blown into the wind for the world to see like sick voyeurs. We revel in shadenfreude at Sony’s distress. We publicly speculate that the injury will be exacerbated by the firing of the very executives that had the courage to make this film in the first place. The theaters all fold to more threats and pull the film until Sony has to give up on the release. We don’t counterattack. We do worse than standing idly by and watching the carnage – we cower.

The enemy has won. We have just relinquished our freedoms to a two-bit foreign power. It is as though after 9-11, we gathered up the private papers that fell to the street and published them in the newspapers and laughed at the victims and fired those that survived. And then, instead of counterattacking, we surrendered and gave into Al Qaeda’s list of demands.

What next, America? Are we now to be held hostage by a tin-pot prison camp dictator? What are the movies, books, and articles that will never see the light of day now? Who else are we afraid of offending?  Do you think it ends after the Sony attack? Are you kidding – given the success of that attack, the next one is a certainty. The only issue is who is attacked and who does the attacking. And we will have deserved it based on our shameful response to this one.