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Brandeis Must Be Very Proud

What hopes, what dreams, those who founded Brandeis in 1948, in improbable Waltham, with a motley series of buildings that somehow became a campus -- and hired all kinds of people who were, in those fresh and innocent and more intelligent days, hired without the credentials (the graduate degree, and sometimes even the undergraduate degree) that are demanded, killingly, today, and gave Brandeis a boost that only in the last few Diverity-And-Doctorate Decades, has brought it low. Would Max Lerner, who had been on the staff of the old PM (where Dr. Seuss got his start as a cartoonist), be hired by Brandeis today? And would Aasia Siddiqui, the Al-Qaeda terrorist, have been given a scholarship? Or would this young lady with her level of academic achievement to be gauged fromĀ  her sub-literate maunderings, have in any age but our own been admitted? And what of conceivable worth has she learned?