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Another Muslim Driven Mad By The Sight Of Infidels Enjoying Christmas

It is not right, it is not just, that non-Muslims can live in lands where they appear to be on top, where they can openly put up Christmas decorations, and go to open-air Christmas markets, and not appear even to realize that this situation cannot continue, for it is an offense to Allah, and to what he laid down in the Qur'an, as then glossed by what is contained in the Hadith. No wonder so many Muslims are driven mad, and driven to acts of violence, at the sight of these decorations, these markets, these churches holding services, these Christians (not to mention Jews) who think they can simply walk the streets without showing the proper deference to Muslims and Muslim sensibilities. It's hard to hold yourself in check when such a situation -- in France or Israel (can you just imagine,that Jews think they have a right to pray, openly, on what they insanely call the Temple Mount), in Great Britain or Germany, in the Netherlands or Sweden -- is permitted to continue, and Muslims should not be expected to simply endure this state of affairs forever. 

And here is one Muslim in Mans, France, who turns out to be best described as a "mentally disturbed man," not using his car or truck to run down Infidels who are shopping, or simply plowing into a crowd because they are non-Muslims, but admirably managing to limit his rage to the tearing down of Christmas decorations. The sight of them was simply more than he could bear. Such things would never be allowed in a well-run Muslim polity. Can't you understand his outrage, his fury ? Can't you sympathize?  How dare you sit in judgment on this brave Muslim, this Defender of the Faith?