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Brandeis Must Be Very Proud Part 2: Michael Piccione, William Amara, Clifton Joseph Masdea

At Brandeis there are apparently students who think that what one sends out to the world on a Twitter account is somehow to be thought of as private speech, especially if that one who is tweeting or twittering is someone like Khadijah Lynch. They therefore think it not right, not fair, for someone else, not like Khadijah Lynch, to note the contents of those tweets and even to send them on to others, as Brandeis student Daniel Mael did, and that daring  to read and forward such tweets constitutes "slander"of their author, Khadijah Lynch  (a most bizarre understanding of that tort) have another think coming. One of those students  -- William Amara --even  thinks this publicizing of what one sends out to the world on one's Twitter account may constitute "stalking."  

In this story some of the most obscenely virulent defenders of Khadijah Lynch, who denounce Daniel Mael (the student who first brought her tweets to public attention), who apparently share Khadijah Lynch's hatred of Brandeis (where she surely has been given a generous scholarship, but god knows what she studies), The System, Amerikkka with its KKKilller Police, are fellow students Michael Piccione, William Amara, Clifton Joseph Masdea. You can get the flavor of their thought and expression from such ex-ungue-leonem samples as are quoted. And that may in the future be useful. You never know, after all, who will be applying for admission to your graduate program, or for a job at a company where you have some say in who is hired. And would you want to hire or admit the kind of person who exhibits the attitudes, the hysteria, the viciousness and coarseness of expression, that they have done? And then there are those others, so far unnamed, who took part in that hysterical rally-round-oppressed-Khadijah demonstration, reminding me, and reminding you too perhaps, of the Brownshirts of Berlin, when they were just getting started -- the Night of the Long Knives was still just a glint in Hitler's manic eyes -- under good old reliable Erich Roehm.  Surely there must be some people on the faculty and in the administration at Brandeis who remember the Brownshirts, and Erich Roehm, and the Fascists, and the murder of Matteotti, and the rallies, and the marches, and the hysteria, and the shouts, and Hitler, and Mussolini, and the war, and things like that?