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Reconversion Campaign In India

The reconversion movement here.

There is a moral difference between the way Hindus became Muslims (to avoid being killed, to avoid the Jizyah that sustained Muslim rulers and the Islamic states, to avoid all of the disabilitis imposed on non-Muslims under Muslim rule) and the way they became Christians (English missionaries spread the Gospel, and while some who convertted to Christianity may have been attracted because it was the faith of the powerful English, this had nothing to do with avoiding mass-murder, persecution, the Jizyah, and all the rest that was the fate of Hindus under that Muslm rule). It's too bad the reconversion is not aimed exclusively at those whose ancestors were forced, through violence or persecution, to convert to Islam. And that would prevent Muslim apologists in the West from deliberately emphasizing the handful of Christians who are among those reconverted so that they might, in their reporting, minimize the matter of Islam and the demographic threat Muslims pose, not only in India, but in Western Europe. This attempt to reduce Muslim numbers is to be supported, not deplored. And it can start by making non-Arab Muslims come to realize all the ways that Islam is, has been, necessarily will be, a vehicle for Arab supremacism. That's a start, in reducing the threat.