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Hisham Melhem: Arab Degringolade


Yet again Hisham Melhem offers a tour d'horizon of the seething swamp, and still can't bring himself to talk about Islam, the Islam that maks its adherents so incapable of compromimse, so ready to believe conspiracy-theories, so unable to identify the soures of their own many miseries, so sure that there are only two possible outcomes -- that of being Victor or that of being Vanquished, so unable to blame themselves and so uneager to blame all Infidels, including those Muslims whom, as members of a different sect, or insufficiently fanatical in their faith, they label Infidels, and perhaps even the worst of the Infidels.

Still, he's described -- not for the first time -- the degringolade, and he knows that there is unlikely to be any way out. Curious that in describing Tunisia, he cannot dare to give credit to the cultural forces that have made elections possible, and chief among there is the French language, and the access that gives to the wide world of French newspapers, French radio and television, a more rational Western civilization that the half of the Tunisian population that wants to be French can strive to emulate, while it fends off the half of the population that wants to be Saudi.