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As Israeli-Passport-Holding Muslims Join Islamic State, A Few Israelis Begin to Consider Elementary Self-Preservation Measures

What they are proposing they would do well to implement; and similar measures would be well advised to be taken by all majority non-Muslim states that are also currently agonising over what to do about those Muslims who, nominally citizens of said non-Muslim states, are now waging jihad fi sabil allah in Syria or Iraq - or, for that matter, may be in North Africa, or Mali, or Yemen, or wherever - but may one day return to the non-Muslim states from which they departed, there to represent a mortal menace to all circumambient Infidels. 

As reported by Tova Dvorin for Israel National News, about a week ago.

"Erdan Freezes Passport of Israeli Arab [sic: that should be "Israel-passport-holding Muslim" - CM] Who Joined ISIS.

'Erdan considering revoking citizenship of man (that is, Muslim man - CM) who left Israel for ISIS; family threatens to petition against government in High Court.

If they do, I sincerely hope that the High Court will have enough sense to tell them to go jump; because why should Israel permit a declared and blooded jihad murderer, seething with hatred of all things not-Muslim, back within its gates?   - CM

'Interior Minister Gilad Erdan has frozen a young Israeli Arab's passport, Channel 2 reports [on] Monday, and is considering revoking his citizenship, after the citizen was found to have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The salient fact is not that this person holds an Israeli passport, nor that he is ethnically Arab; the thing that matters is that he is a declared and zealous Muslim, committed to the goals and methods of the thoroughly-Islamically-orthodox Islamic State, which intends to pursue jihad until the entire world has been reduced to the misery and ruin of a Sunni Muslim sharia-compliant despotism. It is Muslims, and only Muslims, who are joining ISIS. -   CM

'Marwan Khaldi, from Nazareth, left Israel two months ago and has since severed all contact with his family, according to the daily.

'Over the past several days, Khaldi's family learned that Marwan is hospitalized in critical condition in Turkey, suffering burns all over his body, from fighting with the group.

He's in Turkey. He can stay there.  And as for the burns...Bed. Made. Lie.  I'm not going to cry for anyone who was probably watching beheading videos and drooling over ads listing the going price for twelve-year-old - or eight -year old - Yazidi and Christian sex slaves, before tooling off to Syria to get a piece of that beheading-and-raping-and-enslaving all-Islamic action.  - CM

'As such, Khaldi's family contacted the Ministry of the Interior to request that Marwan's passport be unfrozen so that he could return to Israel - but so far has not been answered.

Nor should they be. Their dear little jihadist can stay right where he is.  Why should Israel be expected to take care of someone who shares the goals and no doubt fully approves of the methods of the brutal Islamic State? - CM

'Now the family is threatening to petition the High Court for Justice over the freeze, claiming that it constitutes a form of criminal negligence."

Criminal negligence?  It would be an act of criminal negligence, by Israeli politicians and judiciary, if they were to permit this creature back inside the gates.  And for that matter, any other majority infidel country, that does not quickly take steps to permanently prevent the return of those infidel-passport-holding Muslims from within their gates who, just like Marwan Khaldi, have waltzed off to Syria and Iraq - or perhaps to places like Yemen, or West Africa, or Libya, or Somalia - to wallow in a jihad bloodbath, might also be accused of committing an act of criminal negligence, mortally endangering the lives of all of their non-Muslim citizens. - CM

"Marwan's continued presence in Turkey may cause permanent damage to his health", the young man's lawyer, Attorney Hussein Abu Hussein, stated [on] Monday.

Oh, cry me a river.  But if he is permitted back inside Israel's gates he is very likely to cause multiple deaths of non-Muslim Israelis, whether Jewish, Christian or atheist.  Letting him back in will cause real and permanent damage to the health of the non-Muslim Israeli polity.  I hope, therefore, that the relevant Israeli officials will stand firm, and leave Marwan Khaldi right where he belongs, in the dar al Islam, in miserably-Muslim - and growing ever more miserably Muslim - Turkey. - CM

'Nonetheless, Erdan has maintained that he is considering to revoke the Israeli citizenship of Khaldi for his involvement in the terror group.

Yes! Please, Erdan, do it!  Do it now! Just do it!  Strip him of his Israeli citizenship - which has been for him merely a tactical and temporary convenience, useful but treated no doubt with contempt - and let him have a gutful of Islam, Islam, Islam. - CM

"I'm waiting for the recommendation of the security agencies, but this is probably someone who was trained to kill people in one of the world's most brutal terrorist organisations, and I am obligated to consider carefully whether he can return to Israel," Erdan said.

This one really ought to be a no-brainer.  And not only for Israel, but for every other majority-Infidel state faced with the same situation. Let those Muslims go; let them go! - to Syria, to Iraq, to Yemen, to Somalia, and when you know - from any number of boastfully posted FB postings or tweets or youtube videos - that they are wallowing in a jihad bloodbath, then...revoke their infidel-country citizenship and cancel their passports.  Let them go. Do not let them return.  And a  large security headache will be, very gradually, reduced to one somewhat less large. - CM

'In October, sources revealed that no fewer than 30 Arab citizens of Israel (that is: no fewer than 30 Israel-passport-holding Arab Muslims - CM) have joined ISIS, and there is a move in the Knesset to remove their citizenship.

I am very glad to hear that there is such a move, and I hope to G-d that it succeeds.  Give us all a lead, Israel. Show us how to do it.  Let the murderers go; don't let them back in. - CM

'This is the latest in a series of moves by Erdan to tighten Israel's security against domestic threats.

The main threat being, of course, the Mohammedan Fifth Column.  For the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, is the nurturing and sheltering sea within which the jihadis swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge. Got Muslims? - Got Jihad.  As Israelis, of all people, should know, by now. It was not Christians or Buddhists who charged into the Har Nof synagogue only last month, chanting allahu akhbar, and with guns and axes ritually murdered four rabbis, sacrificing them on the bloody altar of allah, god of blood and war. - CM

'The Interior Minister announced recently that he was examining the possibility of expanding his powers to expel Arab terrorists (sic: that should be, "Muslim terrorists" - CM) from Jerusalem, precisely by revoking their residency permits.

'Last month, he cancelled the permanent residency status of Mahmoud Nadi, the driver for the suicide bomber responsible for the bombing at the Dolphinarium Disco in Tel Aviv in June 2001. That attack killed 21 people and wounded over 100 others.

'Weeks later, he also expelled Nadia Abu Jamal, the wife of one of the two Arab (sic: Arab MUSLIM - CM) terrorists who attacked a Har Nof synagogue in Jerusalem, murdering four Jews at prayer and a police officer, on similar grounds.

'And on Tuesday, Erdan announced that he had filed a motion to the Attorney-General's Office, to revoke the citizenship of three terrorists (sic: three Muslim terrorists - CM) involved in major attacks against Jews and Israelis.

Yes! Do it.  It can be done. It should be done. It must be done, if we are not to see many, many more jihadist murders of non-Muslims in every country where there is, presently, a large and aggressive Mohammedan fifth column busy producing active jihadists. Give us a lead, Israel.  Revoke the declared jihadis' passports and Israeli citizenship.  Please.  Take this first elementary step for your self-preservation; for the protection of the lives and the public peace of all your non-Muslim citizens

I will add that the Comments to the article are interesting. For example, one Alah Shohat remarked, sensibly, "How is this even an issue?  If an Israeli Arab [sic: MUSLIM - CM] left to join Hezbollah, wouldn't that be considered treason? How is joining ISIS any different?  I think freezing his passport is the nicest thing we could do.  He should have his Israeli citizenship revoked, never be allowed back into Israel."

Yes.- CM