Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Some belated reports from the Australian front: 4 - Muslim 'refugees' in detention centre persecute other, non-Muslim refugees

 From the ABC's Jennifer Macey.


'Religious "bullying" among Christmas Island detainees

(Observe that the headline obscures the fact that this is not about a tit for tat situation, two groups slinging off at each other; this is, if one reads the story, about Muslims and Muslims only, initiating attacks upon others who then may or may not respond in self-defence. - CM).

'An Iraqi asylum seeker being detained on Christmas Island says he is living in fear that he will be targeted by other detainees because of his religious beliefs.

'In Iraq, life is getting harder for believers in faiths other than Islam.

(Congratulations, Ms Macey, on telling the truth.  Keep your attention firmly fixed on that uncomfortable fact; think about it; do some research, and you may find that this is not just something that some Muslims are doing in Iraq at the present moment, but that it is what Muslims do to non-Muslims everywhere that Muslims feel strong enough to do as they wish. - CM).

'At the end of last month, an attack on Iraq's dwindling Christian community left 58 people dead and Al Qaeda has warned that more killings would follow.

'Another victimised minority are the Sabian Mandaean, whose followers revere John the Baptist.

'Some have fled to Australia and now a Mandaean detainee on Christmas Island fears that the persecution has followed him here.

'Salah Azuhari, 45, fled from his village in southern Iraq because of religious persecution.

'Speaking through ABC local radio's Hana Vieva, Mr Azuhari said the other Iraqi detainees (who, one must assume, are all Muslims - CM) have bullied him.

'They told him he had no right to sit with them, eat with them, be in their presence.  And they said that because of his religious belief he has no right to live in Iraq or anywhere else", Ms Vieva said. "He's been on the run since Iraq and Jordan and he feels like he's still on the run even though he's in Australia".  

(Are you listening, persons in charge of Foreign Affairs and Immigration?  These Muslims in detention on Christmas Island, who are hellbent on getting into Australia, have openly told a non-Muslim fellow detainee - who is fleeing from murderous Muslim persecution in Iraq - that they, the Muslims, do not regard him as having a right to life 'anywhere else' - in other words, they fully intend to go on persecuting him on Australian soil.  Why, why, why are we even considering the claims for 'asylum' made by Muslims who speak and act like this? Who clearly proclaim their every intention of treating non-Muslims in Australia exactly as they have treated them in Iraq and in other places where Muslims dominate?  Or will we have to wait until a group of jihadists to walk into a church in Australia and throw grenades and spray the congregation with bullets, before someone will admit there is a problem? - CM).

'Mr Azuhari has been in detention on Christmas Island for one month.  He says his family in Iraq were tortured by the Mehdi army and the Badr forces, a political party.  He and his family were tortured, his family was bombed.  His uncle received a nail to his head. "So they basically bashed a nail through his [the uncle's] brain.  He was subsequently kidnapped, tortured, and put around dead bodies, other dead bodies," the interpreter said.  "They're basically seen as sinners.  They're looked upon as Christians and Jews by the fundamental Muslims.  So they're tortured because they're sinners".

'The Mandaeans are pacifists and their religion prevents them from taking part in protests.

'Mr Azuhari says that is why he refused to go on a hunger strike to protest against the death of an Iraqi detainee in Villawood. "He is a law-abiding citizen who follows the rules.  He's doing that in the detention centre", Ms Vieva said. "He's isolated and he's isolated himself because he fears.  He has been threatened to be killed while he sleeps.  He feels that the situation in the detention centre is like, exactly the situation in Iraq."

(And when this poor man gets to mainland Australia, if offered asylum, what will he find? Large and increasingly-aggressive colonies of Muslims, in Sydney and in Melbourne, whining about 'discrimination' and 'racism' and demanding special treatment...all the while a significant percentage of their number persistently flout Australian law in all aspects great and small.  His persecutors have preceded him, and established themselves. - CM).

'Immigration Department spokeswoman Sandi Logan says the Department is not aware of any complaints being made but if there were serious concerns to a client's ongoing welfare the Department would consider moving them.

"It's also an opportunity for people who do believe they have a strong claim to remain in Australia to begin to live with Australian values and to live under Australian norms", she said.

"This means that where there is inter-faith conflict that it is resolved in a peaceful and amicable way".

(My dear Ms Logan. This is not 'inter-faith conflict' any more than the jihadist massacre of unarmed Christians - priests, women, elderly people, little babies - in the church in Baghdad was 'inter-faith conflict'.  This is Muslims, out of the blue, threatening and attacking a non-Muslim simply and solely because the non-Muslim is there and is a non-Muslim. He has not done a thing to the Muslims, except that he is breathing-while-Mandaean.  This is not a brawl between two equally aggressive parties.  This is a group of ruthless bullies targeting someone who has not offended them at all, someone who does not want a fight, who simply wants to get away.  Ms Logan, your specious moral equivalencing of the Muslim bullies and their victim is disgusting.  And if you think the Muslims will shed their attempt to enforce the domination of Islam over all other belief systems, once they step foot on Australian soil, and that they will learn to resolve 'conflict' peacefully and amicably, your naivety astounds me - CM).

'That is certainly the training that our staff have but, as I say, these [incidents?] are quite rare.  They are not common in immigration detention'. (Possibly because practically all of the 'refugees' are Muslims, since the real refugees, the Christians and others, are usually too poor to pay people-smugglers, or because the people-smuggler networks are primarily run for Muslims, by Muslims? - CM).

'But former Human Rights commissioner Sev Ozdowski says this is not the first incident of religious bullying. ('Religious bullying'.  Translation: Muslim detainees attacking non-Muslim detainees - CM).

'In 2003 Amnesty International made a complaint to the Human Rights Commission on behalf of a female Mandaean who says she was sexually harassed while in detention.  Mr Ozdowski says Mandaeans often suffer "double punishment".

"They were quite often regarded as unclean, as unable to meet with other Muslims". ('Other Muslims'?  Mr Ozdowski, do you not know that the Mandaeans are not Muslim at all, but an entirely different religion, pre-dating Islam? - CM).

"They were ostracised.  There were cases of harassment.  There was a case of alleged rape. They didn't have the standing in the community in detention". (If the majority of those in detention are Muslims then of course any non-Muslims would have no standing; just as non-Muslims have no standing in any majority-Muslim region or country  - CM).

'He says Mandaeans should be kept in separate detention from other asylum seekers (correction: they, like all other non-Muslim detainees, should be kept separate from the Muslims - CM) and their claims processed immediately.

(I have a better suggestion.  Sort the 'asylum seekers' into Muslims and non-Muslims.  The Muslims don't get to come to Australia, they get sent straight back where they came from; we do not want openly-declared bullies and persecutors, who are nearly all males of military age, entering our society.  When that is done, the claims of the small minority among the asylum seekers who are clearly non-Muslim - whether Mandaean or Christian, Hindu or Buddhist - can be dealt with as appropriate; I would advise giving asylum above all to bona fide non-Muslims who, like Mr Azuhari, are fleeing from Muslim lands, since to send them back into dar al Islam is to condemn them to almost certain death. - CM).

'Meanwhile Salah Azuhari wants his processing sped up so that he can be reunited with his six children who are stlll in Jordan.  Hana Vieva says Mr Azuhari already has relatives living in Australia.  "He has three siblings who came here as refugees and now have refugee status.  They live in Sydney.  They have had the opportunity to express their religion, believe in what they want to believe, and he feels that he can do that outside the detention centre", she said.

'After threatening to run away, Salah Azuhari has been moved to be closer to the four other Mandaeans on Christmas Island.  He says he feels much safer but that if the other Mandaeans leave he will be completely alone".

For more on the Mandaeans in Australia, who now number about 6500, see this little article from the 'South-West Advertiser', a western Sydney suburban newspaper, which appeared in August 2010.


From that article - 'there were about 30 000 Mandaeans in Iraq before the war in 2003 reduced the population to about 5500.  Many fled the country because of the turmoil of the war.  Mr Farham [Mandaean community spokesman, who migrated to Australia 18 years ago after leaving Iraq - CM] says the Mandaeans were persecuted in their country even before the war.

(A very important point that should be emphasised to all our politicians and journalists. Persecution of Mandaeans and Christians has gone on, varying only in degree of severity, throughout the entire period, over a millennium, that Muslims have dominated and ruled Mesopotamia. It is that steady, grinding burden of persecution from Muslims that has reduced the Mandaeans and the indigenous Assyrian Chrisitans to tiny remnants within their own homeland where they were once the majority. - CM).

"I complain less about life having heard so many horrific stories" [from the refugees] Mr Farham said. "Some of their stories, I kid you not, make The Silence of the Lambs sound like a walk in the park"...(I believe him - CM).

'He said the government needed to come up with a reasonable refugee policy and the Immigration Department needed to process applications more quickly".

(Quicker processing for non-Muslims, yes.  For Muslims, no.  If we take in deeply-traumatised survivors of Muslim persecution, such as these Mandaeans, then I cannot see why we must also take in Muslims, the very Muslims who have been gleefully inflicting trauma on Mandaeans and other non-Muslims, not only in Iraq but even - as we have seen in the case of the Mandaean, Mr Azuhari - in detention centres upon Australian soil. - CM).

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Money Makes The World Go Round, But Getting Or Spending, The Arabs Whirl The Fastest
Posted on 11/30/2010 9:56 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 30 November 2010
A Literary Interlude: She Hears The Storm (Thomas Hardy)

She Hears The Storm

There was a time in former years- 
While my roof-tree was his-
When I should have been distressed by fears
At such a night as this!

I should have murmured anxiously,
'The prickling rain strikes cold;
His road is bare of hedge or tree,
And he is getting old.'

But now the fitful chimney-roar,
The drone of Thorncombe trees,
The Froom in flood upon the moor,
The mud of Mellstock Leaze,

The candle slanting sooty-wick'd,
The thuds upon the thatch,
The eaves drops on the window flicked,
The clanking garden-hatch,

And what they mean to wayfarers,
I scarcely heed or mind;
He has won that storm-tight roof of hers
Which Earth grants all her kind.

                        --- Thomas Hardy
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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Some belated reports from the Australian front: 3 - in Melbourne, 'Africans' and 'Afghans' accuse police of racism

Some of the Africans involved in this may not be Muslim (though it is likely that many are, since our main African 'refugee' intake is Sudanese and Somali - the Somalis being of course all Muslims, while I am told by one who knows that even a large percentage of the Sudanese we've received are Muslims even though by rights it is the Christian Sudanese, fleeing a genocidal jihad, who should have had absolute priority) but the Afghans would surely be Muslim to a man.  In which case - especially given the recent case of the be-burqa'ed Muslima who was discovered to have deliberately made a wholly false statement about a police officer's conduct - how much credence do we give to these lurid accusations against the police, and pose of persecuted victimhood?

A report from the ABC's Jean Edwards.


'Vic police face racism court action'.

'A group of young African and Afghan men are taking Federal Court action against Victorian police officers, accusing them of racism.

'The police are alleged to have racially taunted, abused and assaulted people at Flemington, Kensington and North Melbourn.

'The group has launched the action against seven police officers and the Chief Commissioner, Simon Overland.

'Lawyer Peter Seidel says the claims are serious.

"We allege that the police named in the statement of claim have carried out various assaults in public places", he said.

"[It's alleged the officers] used excessive force, engaged in unjustifiable searches, unlawfully seized and retained personal property, misused their power, and routinely engaged in racial taunts and abuse."

'The Police Commissioner, Simon Overland, says the claims will be defended.

"Obviously the allegations that have been made are serious and of concern, we will be defending them", he said. (I assume this means, 'we will be defending [the officers against] them' - CM).

"I have no tolerance, no truck with racism in the organisation.

"If any of these allegations were found to be true I would regard them extremely seriously, but at the moment my advice is we refute the claims, we will be defending the claims".

Since the alleged 'assaults' happened in public places, one hopes that there may be security camera or police video recordings for at least some of them.  If so, a comparison of any footage with what these Afghan Muslims and their African (Muslim or non-Muslim?) allies or stooges are claiming took place, ought to be interesting.  We shall see what we shall see. - CM.

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Nonsense From Know-Nothing Well-Wishers

From a story on the fire in the office of the mosque Mohamed Osman Mohamud attended in Portland, Oregon: 

"Sassaman said whoever set the fire would have had to drive around to the back of the building, then walk past the mosque entrance to the office window, which is not visible from the street.

"You'd have to know what you're doing," he said.

Local contractor and real estate agent Michael Byers was among the many non-Muslims who offered their help and sympathy to the members of the mosque.

"When Timothy McVea bombed Oklahoma, nobody went and burned his church down," said Byers, who was helping the mosque buy replacement windows and other materials to rebuild the office.

Larry Pickard, a retired special needs teacher, brought a sympathy card and flowers, which he placed with a growing display on the ground near the green doors that are the main entrance to the mosque.

"I don't want other communities to think this kind of thing happens here," said Pickard. "No matter what religion you are, the core of all religions is peace and compassion [!] ... whether you are Islamic or Christian. You shouldn't let one individual person reflect on the rest of us."

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
The Holly and the Ivy

by Esmerelda Weatherwax (December 2010)

In the days before the pound shops sold tinsel by the metre the custom was to decorate houses at Christmas with evergreens. On one level greenery was readily available; on another (in my opinion) it was a pre-Christian tradition to hold trees and their greenery in respect.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
The Turkish Bath

by Mark Goldblatt (December 2010)

The memory is simultaneously blurred and seared in my mind. I was seven years old, built like a pond newt, and altogether startled to be spending a Sunday afternoon in 1964 with my dad--who, as a rule, devoted his weekends to solo breakfasts at the Horn & Hardart, marathon poker games at his friends' houses, horse racing at Aqueduct and, after he got home, the Million Dollar Movie on television. For whatever reason, however, he decided that he and I should bond on this particular Sunday.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Bernard Kops Dancing in the Sunlight

a review by Thomas Orsz?g-Land (December 2010)

This Room in the Sunlight

Collected Poems by Bernard Kops
David Paul Publishing, London, 2010, ?9.99p.,
Paperback, 132pp., ISBN 9780954848262

Among the greatest events of British literature this decade is the publication of the collected poems of Bernard Kops, the doyen of contemporary European verse. more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
U. S. Condemns The Most Egregious Of Arab Muslim Denials Of History
US condemns Palestinian claim on Western Wall

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration on Tuesday strongly condemned a Palestinian official's claim that the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem has no religious significance for Jews and is actually Muslim property.

The State Department said the U.S. rejects the claim as "factually incorrect, insensitive and highly provocative." Spokesman P.J. Crowley said statements of that kind damage U.S. efforts to revive stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and could incite violence.

"We have repeatedly raised with the Palestinian Authority leadership the need to consistently combat all forms of delegitimization of Israel, including denying historic Jewish connections to the land," he told reporters.

"As the United States has long maintained, the status of Jerusalem must be resolved in final status negotiations between the parties," Crowley said. "We recognize that Jerusalem is a deeply important issue to Israelis and Palestinians, to Jews, to Muslims and to Christians everywhere."

Last week, a senior Palestinian official endorsed a study stating that the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray, is Muslim property and has no link to Judaism. The study has drawn fierce criticism in Israel but Al-Mutawakil Taha, deputy Palestinian information minister, said the document is the official position of the Palestinian Authority.

Crowley stressed that neither side should do anything to prejudice the negotiations, including unilateral acts in Jerusalem. When pressed, he noted that the United States had also frequently expressed its concerns to Israel about the construction of Jewish housing in traditionally Arab east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim as their future capital.

"They both have responsibilities here," he said. "Both have to take the responsibility to create conditions for negotiations to resume."

The Palestinians have refused to return to peace talks unless Israel halts Jewish settlement activity in the West Bank and stops similar construction in east Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering U.S. incentives to implement a three-month slowdown in West Bank building but has refused to consider a halt in east Jerusalem.


The Muslim  claim to Jerusalem, and to the Temple Mount, depends on religious belief -- that is, both on the belief that Muhammad's Night Journey (Miraj), to "the furthest mosque" (al-masjid al-aksa) mentioned in the Qur'an, must be, as an early Umayyad caliph sitting in Damascus decided (thus ending a controversy over where to locate that  "furthest mosque") insisted for reasons both of Muslim supremacy and to enlarge his own power, right on top of the Jewish Temple Mount.

Jerusalem is important to Jews because of their own long historical connection: "The Land made us, and now we are making the land" David Ben Gurion testified. Jerusalem is important to Christians because of the many sites associated with Jesus, the historical Jesus.The Muslim  claim to Jerusalem, and to the Temple Mount, depends on religious belief -- that is, both on the belief that Muhammad's Night Journey (Miraj), to "the furthest mosque" (al-masjid al-aksa) mentioned in the Qur'an, must be, as an early Umayyad caliph sitting in Damascus decided (thus ending a controversy over where to locate that  "furthest mosque") must have been located on top of the Jewish Temple Mount. You have to be a Believer, a Muslim, in order to believe that Muhammad ascended into Heaven on his winged steed Al Buraq, and that he did so, what's more, from the top of the Temple Mount. credit that story. But anyone -- the furthest HIndu or Buddhist or atheist, can recognize the Jewish and Christian connections to Jerusalem that do not depend on religious belief.

There is a difference.

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Art and Communication

by David Hamilton (December 2010)

There is confusion about what art is. Distinctions and classifications are needed to clarify it. First, the qualities that make something art are intrinsic, not external. It is in the artifice, the organising of elements, perspective, choice of colour etc that makes it art because the result is obtained by transforming reality and thus nature, through human imagination and realised by skill and technique. more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Genuine Romantic Love: Attraction, Attachment, and Attunement

by Thomas J. Scheff (December 2010)

An excerpt from What's Love Got to Do with It?: The Emotional World of Popular Songs

Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, 2010

Everyone already knows that romantic love requires sexual attraction, that's a given. The second component is almost as well known. It's called attachment, and its part of the show in both romantic and all other kinds of love, including love within families. Attachment is found in other mammal besides us humans: our cats Mischa and Wolfie have become attached to me and my wife, and we are attached to them.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Business & Education
by Rebecca Bynum (December 2010)
By Mark William Roche
University of Notre Dame Press, 2010

f asked which section of society currently controls our education system, one might casually and unthinkingly reply that government does, but that would be untrue. Control of education, which once rested in the hands of the church, passed straight through the government and landed directly in the hands of big business quite some time ago.  more>>>
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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
The Downfall of Political Islam

by Samir Yousif (December 2010)


The theme of my argument is the following statement: Islam, as a religion, has nothing to offer to economic or political theory. This simple idea has serious consequences. Political Islam, when it runs the country, will ultimately fail. It has no appropriate agenda that provides solutions to real political or economic challenges such as underdevelopment, unemployment, inflation, recession, poverty, just to mention a few. more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
The Truth About Islam: In Rebuttal to a Recent Article Published in The Tennessean

by Vijay Kumar (December 2010)

To an open minded, rational thinking person engaging in a fact-based assessment comparing the fundamental tenets of Islam with the founding principles of our Constitution, the essential opposition of these two ideologies should become quickly and readily apparent. Examples of this unmistakable opposition abound and are easily discerned.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Issues for 112th Congress: Sharia, Energy Independence, National Security and Immigration Reform
by Jerry Gordon with George Abraham (December 2010)

On Election Day, November 2nd,  Senior Editor Jerry Gordon and New York-based Talk Radio host George Abraham on Vicksburg talk radio station WVBG 1450 AM held a wide ranging discussion on several issues that the new 112th Congress might face in the wake of what some political observers called the Tsunami 2010 MidTerm election. The result of that electoral tsunami gave control of the US House of Representatives to the Republicans and diminished Democratic control of the US Senate. Among the issues discussed by Gordon and Abraham were questions about how to deal with the threat of Sharia law in the US, the necessity to spur energy independence, purging our intelligence and national security agencies, the reform of humanitarian refugee immigration as a deterrent against Islamization in America and the rise of home grown terrorism among ?migr? Muslims. Abraham, a Vicksburg native, is a New York business consultant. more>>>
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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
The First Hebrew Textbook Set in Modern Palestine
by Norman Berdichevsky (December 2010)

Language textbooks often try to present the cultural aspects of a tongue in its homeland as well as the formal training in the various learning skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Obviously, where English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese is spoken in many different lands with quite distinct literatures, dialects, social relations and a wide range of national idiomatic expressions, the textbooks often provide clarifying footnotes to varying usage. If the language is spoken only in a single nation such as Danish or Hungarian, there may be more space to help the student understand the history of the linguistic homelands, their national traditions, music, and culinary specialties. more>>>
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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
What Does Hezbollah Do For A Living?
by Geoffrey Clarfield (December 2010)

If you are thinking of smoking a joint and escaping from the ongoing depressing news in the Middle East, you may want to think twice, for in smoking that joint or wedge of hashish you may be inadvertently funding Hezbollah.  more>>>
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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
The Rule of Art

by Mark Anthony Signorelli (December 2010)

Let me begin with an uncontroversial assertion: we produce no art. What I mean is that for two or three generations western peoples have not, by their collective or individual endeavor, produced any artifacts which can be identified, on any intelligible principles, as the same kind of thing which had been referred to as music, poetry, drama, sculpture, or painting by all preceding generations of Western man, and which were the varied accomplishments of such figures as Virgil and the anonymous poets of the Border Ballads, Scarlatti and Shubert, and the craftsmen of the Duomo of Siena. What we have become accustomed to referring to as "our arts" no more merit that title than a sow deserves to be called a thoroughbred.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Some belated reports from the Australian front: 2 - Sydney Muslims flex political muscle, demand pro-Muslim candidates

This story appeared on November 17 in Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph', Geoff Chambers reporting.  Do click on the link, as the picture that goes with the story - depicting Muslims at Lakemba listening to speakers - is most revealing.


'Fed-up Muslims to Take On ALP'.

'Islamic leaders have declared war on the State Government, calling for pro-Muslim candidates to run in key western Sydney Labor seats.

'Lebanese Muslim Association president Samier Dandan yesterday used the Eid-al-Adha festival at Lakemba to outline his group's political ambitions.  

'In front of more than 5000 followers, Mr Dandan said Labor had to be kicked out of office at the March [i.e. March 2011 - CM] election.

'"We want the Muslim people to have their say.  We are telling them that Labor has not done the job (translation: Labor has not submitted sufficiently grovellingly? - CM)  and that it's time for them to go", he said. 

'Mr Dandan said the seats of Auburn, Lakemba, Liverpool, Bankstown and Canterbury would be targeted.

(These are the most heavily Islamified suburbs of Sydney.  I have already referred, in an earlier post in this series, to Australian journalist Paul Sheehan's article from the Sydney Morning Herald of 13 August 2006, describing the means by which they have been Islamified.  Here it is again.


And here are the most telling passages from that article:

 'One of the edges of the global clash between Muslims and the rest is a bottle shop in a small and ratty shopping mall in western Sydney.  The owner of the bottle shop is suffering low-level but steady harassment from his neighbours, who want him gone.  He's a Christian [and later in the article Sheehan notes that this man is a Lebanese Arab Christian - CM] who has been told repeatedly: "This is a Muslim area", and he is selling alcohol, which is proscribed by Islam.

'The one-hour parking zone outside the bottle shop is always occupied because local Muslims leave their cars there all day.  The owner has written to the local council to complain, and nothing has been done.  He does not want to be identified because he fears retribution.  His reaction is sensible.

'A friend of mine, Jenny D., used to live in Lakemba.  She began receiving insults from people in the street, usually Muslim women wearing headscarves, or sometimes Muslim men.  If she wore a short skirt, she could expect abuse or comment.

'She left Lakemba.  [And one wonders how many others like her, did the same - CM].

'Soon after, I moved to America, stayed away for 10 years, and thought nothing more of her story.  But after I came back to Sydney I found Jenny's experience had been part of a larger pattern.

'One particularly strong witness to this pattern was Judith, who managed an agency helping war widows, because she encountered dozens of cases where people were harassed by Muslim neighbours who wanted them gone. "It was common", she told me. "A lot of these ladies couldn't take it and moved out.  It happened in Campsie, Belmore, Lakemba, Bankstown, Punchbowl...

"It was everything...throwing rubbish over the fences, screaming abuse, blocking the driveway, knocking fences down.  One guy would throw coffee grains on the windows and bottles on the roof late at night...I confronted some of them, and the men would call me a lot of names, mostly in Arabic"...'.

Sheehan also quotes from an incident report prepared by Bankstown police in 2005 - 

'On the evening of 12/ 12/ 05 numerous vehicles were sighted congregating in the vicinity of Punchbowl Park situated on Rose Street, Punchbowl. 

'These vehicles and the crowd that had gathered were suspected to be Middle Eastern criminals who have been involved in malicious damage and civil disobedience offences throughout the Sutherland Shire and St George areas.  

'A direction was given to police about midnight not to enter the area and antagonise these persons".' END EXCERPT. 

In other words: Muslims have been seizing control of portions of western and south-western Sydney by all the usual methods.

Now, back to the Daily Telegraph and Muslims who, having succeeded in demographically Islamifying certain suburbs, are aiming for political power. - CM).

He [Mr Dandan] did not rule out the possibility of running independent candidates at the election. "I can't disclose our strategy but our message is clear.  We need change. Our people have been marginalised and left behind", Mr Dandan said.

(Reread the passages I quoted from Paul Sheehan's article, above, especially the bit about Muslim harassment of war widows so they will sell out cheap to Muslim buyers, and then ask yourself who has been marginalising whom - CM).

Mr Dandan, a member of the Arabic Chamber of Commerce who served as a Muslim Reference Group adviser to former prime minister John Howard, said councils and Labor MPs had discriminated against Sydney's Muslims.

(Ah yes, the familiar cry of 'persecution!'.  Actually, if one asked the local non-Muslims, such as the Christian bottle-shop owner who Paul Sheehan spoke with in 2006, I suspect one would find that their main complaint would be that in general the councils and MPs were bending over backwards to appease and flatter and stroke Muslims, at the expense of everyone else - CM).

"Enough is enough.  Labor thinks these are safe seats.  That's why they don't spend the money", he said.  "And the Liberal Party, why would they bother?"

'Former NRL [National Rugby League - CM] star Hazem El Masri has been sounded out by the Liberal Party to stand.  While Labor MPs were nowhere to be seen, Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell sent an Arabic-speaking spokesman.

(Uh-oh: contrary to Mr Dandan's pronouncements, it appears that the NSW state Liberal Party is being well and truly tempted by the Muslim voting bloc.

And then the article moves on to give us some boilerplate platitudes about how there are so many Muslims and they are so very devout and well-behaved...- CM).

'More than 25 000 people attended the Lakemba Mosque yesterday to celebrate the second most important day on the Muslim religious calendar.

' About 4500 Sydney Muslims travelled to Mecca for the annual pilgrimage, joining two million followers of Islam from across the globe as they descended from Mount Arafat.  

'The religious festival is held roughly 70 days after the end of Ramadan and remembers Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God'...

(And does reporter Geoff Chambers know or care that  the book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, a text over a millennium older than the invention of Islam, states plainly that it was Isaac, not Ishmael, who was offered?  Or know that there is no historic record of any rival claim that Ishmael was the offered son, until after Islam came along in the 6th century AD?  If Chambers did not know, he should have done some research. If he does know, but chooses nevertheless to mindlessly reproduce the Muslim theft and rewrite of the Biblical story, he is doing a great disservice to the many 'Telegraph' readers who do not know their Bibles well enough to see what the inventors of Islam were up to.  - CM). 

'Wangee Rd was shut down until 10 am for the festival, and police reported no incidents'.

'Police reported no incidents'.

(Would one read such a sentence at the end of a newspaper report describing a Hanukkah lamp-lighting, or a 'carols in the park' gathering?  Why is it noteworthy that a gathering of some 25 000 Muslims for a religious 'festival' should pass without 'incidents' requiring  police intervention? Especially given the reporter's curious turn of phrase at the opening of his article -  'Islamic leaders have declared war on the State Government..'. -  CM.)

Posted on 11/30/2010 3:12 PM by Christina McIntosh
Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Fighting Shariah Through the Law: An Interview with David Yerushalmi, Esq.
by Jerry Gordon (December 2010)

Shariah, Islamic law, has become increasingly visible in the debates concerning possible Islamization in the West. It is at the core of opposition to and debate about expansion of mosques in this country. more>>>
Posted on 11/30/2010 4:05 PM by NER
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